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Thursday, May 20, 2004'♥

Song I'm listening now : This love by Maroon 5

Haha ysterday so suay,,, got stuck in the MRT for about 20mins.. sian lei..I'm late becoz of this..thus, i was kanna scold by audrey.. wow she's a gd nagger man..can nag non stop haha..we went to Raffles City to get Yanni her present..my cousin was wking in ESPRIT..as all of us are quite broke so we bought a T_shirt for Yanni (50%) off haha..then we went to the cake shop and bought her a choc cake..the name is so power it's called CHOCOLATE CLASSICO. Hear oredi you can imagine how thick the chocolate is..wa it's so fattening..think have to start diet le...

We all mit in Clarke Quay, in the end Audrey and i end up to be the first to reach..wa so long never see vickie le...she changed le lor..more and more pretty..lol..We went to this American Restaurant called Brewerks..Aaron wk there as a waiter so got 50% off again for the food..wow realli damn cheapo lor..haha but in the end Yanni say she treat us. Poor Tricia she came at 9plus when we all eat until so full liao...In the end we see her so ke lian so we went to the Satay Club eat with her..wow when we reached there guess who we saw?? Tay PIng Hui lei!!! wow so shuai.. and we went further we saw ZOE TAY!!! they were there fliming..wa so excited man..especially that Audrey, she used her hp called her auntie, mother... like nv see be4 stars like dat hahahah... went hm quite late..but it is realli veri fun to go out with them..we chat a lot oso..realli have an enjoyable nite..LOL..

But the headache has come... my exams are on Mon and here I am still enjoying myself...haiz...

With Love, 12:43 PM

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