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Monday, May 24, 2004'♥

SOng I'm Listening To: Get Busy by Sean Paul

Mama is finally back..misss her soooooo much lol...today is her bd.. my grandma cook a lot of her fav dishes man... wow... gt red colour eggs summore..wish her stay healthy always ba..

well today..its my first paper.. finally one down.. lol two more to go...today paper ok ok lor... tink some part of my format went wrong.. haiz..better dun tink so much liao..hope tmr paper will like today paper..nt so diffucult..

jux nw went to the attachment briefing..haiz all of them laugh at my company..sianz coz mine is a construction company..first impression of them is i wear a yellow helmet walking around..wat the,,,, haiz.. but cum to tink of it the company ok la.. but then its at a veri ulu place..i tink nxt wk i mux go there see see first,,,if nt i will get lost on the first day.. hope that everything go on smoothly la... then get my pay i wan go treatment my hair le,,damn dry man,,

k la k la mi wanna go eat dinner le..smell so nice lei.. yummy,, haha

With Love, 5:45 PM

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