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Saturday, May 22, 2004'♥

Song I'm Listening to: Miracle by Cascada

Did nothing much today..just study and study..jia you wor..2 more days to go then start exam le..haha i hope to finish it soon..so i can go enjoy le.. onli have one week of holiday..coz the rest of the june holiday i will be going for attachment..abit sian lor..but i pray hard that i will survive thru the 3 weeks haha..

today my house nearly got fire wor.. my grandma cook the mushrooms until the thing burnt..waa my whole house so smelly.. at first i tot the smell cum frm downstairs then i go kitchen check..omg..the whole pot is chao da lo.. haiz my grandma 80yrs old liao i tink her memory nt that gd liao..she cook le then go slp..lucky today i at hm if nt dunno wad will happen lor...haiz realli worry for her..wad if on weekdays when everyone nt at hm she alone at hm..veri dangerous lor..hmmm but anyway wait until my mum cum back ba..

today dunno y my dad mood so gd..keep cracking jokes..lol..so funny sia..wan to act cute onli.. anyway life without mummmy is abit wierd lor..haha i miss my mummy...

With Love, 9:31 PM

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