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Monday, May 31, 2004'♥

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Went to find where is my workplace today..according to the person give mi the details of the place.. we cant see the place lor.. so blur rite.. so in the end we took the bus to Plaza Sing...went to find seline workplace..wow her workplace is a commercial sch..so posh wan..mux wear formal somemore... lol.. then we went PS to shop shop//wa everywhere is having sales so tempting sia///

Saw a pointed heel in Bata... and unbelievable i can wear it man...love it so much..but the black colour wan is out of stock man,., we took 65 back and in the end i finally found my workplace.. it is soooooo ulu haha...but then got lots of places to eat lor... its behind the Macperson kopitiam...and its not veri big..no wonder no need to wear formal// haha we went back to Tampines, Simei, Whitesands to find the shoes..but still dun have haiz..realli love it damn much man/// so tmr im going to Pennisular to find again hahah... Bought a Non-authetic Gucci bag from the Pasar Malam..cost mi 29 bucks sia... my mum keep sayin i kanna cheated..haiz//

So blur sia while we took bus 38 we were talking so much..we didnt realise we took the wrong way..haiz went to Expo then back home..realli damn blur lei/// so happy today bought so much things.. and most important my mama found a job liao..tmr she starting work..she is wkin near my dad man,, so they can go work together..yeah!!!

With Love, 11:19 PM

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