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Friday, May 21, 2004'♥

Song I'm listening to : Love LOve Love by Jolin Cai

stay at home the whole day studying...but still cant manage to get the facts inside my brain. I also dunno y..my mind seems preoccupied by something..but nt sure wad it is.. haiz people study ITE i oso study.. dunno y am i so stress lei..see my fren from other ITE so slack wan.. i tink my class too competitive liao..I'm going crazy soon...help!!

My whole house is so messy rite now.. coz my dear mum is packing her lugagage..wow she bring so many clothes..she think she go there perform iszit..haha..my mummy is going Penang wit her cousin...they r going at 6.15am tmr..haiz this is going to be a long weekend for mi without my mum..but too bad cant go out n play lei..gt exams..haiz//

As for my love life now ne,, i find that single is not bad after all.. no need to worry so much..gt lots of freedom man.. although sometimes i might feel lonely..but as times goes by.. i find that loneliness can be overcome by family love// i realli love my family alot..as for the days ahead.. i dunno wan to think too much..i tink all depends on fate ba...

With Love, 10:18 PM

Lover ♥

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