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Thursday, May 20, 2004'♥

Song I'm listening to: In the end Linkin Park

Stay at home the whole day... haiz so sian and tired..onli manage to study a bit lei..continue like dat i tink i will die le.. today nt so bad..the weather nt that hot too.. for the whole afternoon ive been doing my blog... do until i soooo sleepy haha..

Juz nw my mum tell mi a news hahaha..she say my dad and her won 4d but then nt alot la.. onli a few hundred nia..haha but then i got abit of commission lor..yeah.. finally i dun need to be tat poor le..but cant spend alot though..need to save..

my mummy going to malaysia on sat.. so sad i cant go.. haiz i tink i will realli miss her lor,,, and this is the first time she sit on a plane,, i hope she will cum back safely too..

With Love, 8:59 PM

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