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Friday, February 07, 2014'♥

They say when in love.. whoever first get serious will be the loser - what do you think?

I guessed it's kinda of true.. whoever put in real feelings, whoever put in more time, more effort end will up get hurt the most.

No appreciation of what you have done, and yet it hurts.

Lesson learnt, do not fall in love faster than the other party, if not you will be the on hurt deeply.

Short Note: Heart straight as water...

With Love, 2:34 PM

Sunday, October 06, 2013'♥






Short Note: 没有什么比这次痛。。。。

With Love, 6:55 PM

Sunday, September 15, 2013'♥

I tried to cry...but the tears are not coming out...

Perhaps a sign of my heart is dead....

Short Note: No other alternatives..

With Love, 10:08 PM

Sunday, September 01, 2013'♥






Short Note: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me....

With Love, 2:27 PM

Monday, August 19, 2013'♥


It's has not been a great day.. My monday blues started as early as I opened my eyes. Messages upon messages about a fren's demised dog. Though I must say I actually not a very animal or pet person but I had actually met Ding a few times.

He's a toy poodle, small cute and full of curiosity. He's not fierce and is always friendly to us.. who would pounce on us.. sleep quietly on the same bed as us. A pity my time with him was limited. Perhaps after all what he had been suffering for the past few weeks, heaven would be a better place for him. In heaven, he could run around, play around with no worries and be happy. Yes I am sad, but perhaps not to the extent that I would cry for him. But well, over all he's the cutest poodle I had ever seen so far.

Life is just so fragile, even for a dog.. everything just happen so sudden, the last time I saw him was at the start of the month and now he had left us.. Some of us in the group was so deeply affected by his death especially my friend the owner, it must had been hard for her and I really prayed hard that she would let go slowly slowly by a bit.

My day was not affected only by Ding Ding but also another news that I've heard. Upon hearing the news, the first word that came to my mind was Disappointed. He was such a dear fren or colleague to me but yet I would never had imagined this would happen to him or perhaps someone that I have totally have no gaurd against.. or someone who I never thought who committed this mistake even if he's the last one on earth.

I can totally understand how the wife may have felt at that point of time. If disappointed is the word for me, I guessed Heartbroken would be the word for her. What I can say is don't because of a few minutes pleasure and gave up your whole happiness and future. But nonetheless, it's too late what's done cannot be undone.

My heart is heavy for him, I really hope it would not be that bad. I really hope he would realized his mistakes and turn over a new leaf.

He might not be related to me but I really wish all the best for him. As a brother, as a fren as a colleague.

It makes me wonder, will I also get into this kind of situation in the future? Seriously speaking, I'm more or less prepared and lost quite a bit of faith after this incident.

With a heavy heart, I'll end.

Short Note: This ending is not worth every smile on their faces.

With Love, 8:51 PM

Wednesday, March 06, 2013'♥

I hate March!... Not only is the weather damn hot and humid, it is also the season for croakcoaches and ants to come out of their "house" to play...

The other night it was so hot that I was sweating in my air-con room... I really thought I was going through early menopause.. I even went to go google the symptoms..haha tats hw paranoid I was... One of the symptoms is NIGHT SWEAT.. omg..but thank God when I scrolled through twitter.. I'm not the ONLY ONE.. heng ah.. and so I fell asleep at 1.30 am...

Woke up grouchily (if there's a word like dat) and I saw two fking fat croakcoaches at the kitchen.. LIKE WTF? it's morning and the two of them are happily pak-toring openly.. tat's it.. DOOMSDAY for them.. too bad..

Accordingly to my observations, March is a fking damn hot month and pests like to be out too..coz they themselves are feeling HOT too.. OMG... time to stock up on the bygone..

Anyway the purpose of posting this post, is not abt all these irrelevant shit.. its I REALLY HATE MARCH..

I have like one more month to completeing all my modules for my degree.. but this mth is the damn siong month.. I have an ECONS test this Sat, three reports and 1 presentation left to be completed by end of this month.. OMG.. so stressful can.. I can't have any life anymore this month and I am damn worried abt ECONS.. coz as u know my maths and analytic skills sucks.. OH GOSH.. Dear God please let me pass ECONS can...it's such a bian tai module..

On a happier note, there's so much things I wanna do after my degree.. watch hongkong drama like no day no nite.. attend or sign up for baking classes, learn driving (enough of procastinating), go travel (I hope my hubby allows me, coz he says THE HOUSE IS COMING STOP GG OVERSEAS SAVE UP PLS) haiz.. complete my candy crush levels..(Currently at 110, long way to go man)...

Talking abt candy crush.. the other day my cousin intro me a webby for customisation of chocolates.. it's so cool with exotic ingredients summore.. like ikan bilis, pork floss etc.. SORRY LOR LAO NIANG old liao.. so i am not so daring to try from the exotic section...mine is normal de but its damn chio lor..

See See See...

Damn chio and colourful I like... and one of my classmate commented on my FB that it actually looked like CANDY CRUSH.. hahahaa at the second look of it.. YESSSS.. omg we are really obsessed CANDY CRUSH FANS... lolz

I feel damn sian.. I actually forgot to bring it to office today... if not I can try and see how it taste.. I shall give the white one to my hubby.. see simple surprises makes ppl's day rite.. nv see he so sweet to me before damn...

Anyway here's the webby for those who wanna customised the chocolates.. its cheap and affordable too.. dun worry abt the chocs melting.. it came in a good condition too..

So here's the link, for those who wanna try creating your own unique flavours... http://www.cocoa-b.com/

No this is not a sponsored post, just wanna share new things u know.. as u know I'm nice.. puiiii

Orite, I shall go revise for my HR ECONS....

Till then...

Short Note: If only life is as sweet as a box of chocolates..

With Love, 10:14 AM

Saturday, January 26, 2013'♥








Short Note: 有缘无份。。。

With Love, 8:56 PM

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