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Sunday, September 30, 2012'♥

Finally managed to rush all my assignments on time, gonna submit it tmr's during lunch before I fly off.

I hope there won't be any hiccups last minute.. just pray hard that everything will go on smoothly.. and pls GOD dun let me fail any of the two assignments pls.. I need the marks badly.

The other day went for a photoshoot at Isnap with my colleague Candice.. it's our second time there and we totally love the concept there.

You get to take and pose the pics urself without a photographer.. and u can be really crazy in there hahaha.. we really did enjoyed ourselves.. the only thing is I hope they can add in more props.. coz most of the props are still the same as the ones we previously had one year ago..

Candice and me really love phototaking ahhahaha.. we can take like 200-300 shots in one hours.. and we can still dance inside. FYI u can pluck in ur iphone and on the songs u love.. its just like taking photos at ur own house.. haha

Below are some of the crazy shots we took..

The ring shot was not a prop.. its was really taken with my ring.. just nice that afternoon I went to collect my ring hahaha. see we really ish run out of props le.next time must really bring our own over too.

Enough of blogging, I shall now go back to my HKG drama.. OMG why Michael Miu is yue old yue man and handsome?? I love him sooo much *salivates* hahahaha

Short Note: Can I turn the clock faster?

With Love, 10:04 PM

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