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Saturday, June 25, 2011'♥


Don't know why but I'm having this feeling..

It's like every areas in my life is 不上不下.. neither here nor there..

Don't get me wrong, of course I'm happy with what I have now in my life..

It's just that, things have been stagnant for quite sometime...

Some ppl tell me, that I'm fortunate now, to have a stable job, a job that pays me not bad with great benefits for a diploma graduate, I have a gd bf now, someone who treats me very good, love me for who I am, I have a great family, parents who dote on me so much, I get to travel, whether its near or far, at least I get to travel...I have friends who are great ppl, different groups who acceed to my different needs..

Not being complacent here, but I just feel that there are some areas where I could have done better, some areas where I could have put in more efforts..

Don't like the feeling of being stagnant, for instance, one big headache is my job..

Yes, the workload is just nice, been here for a year and a half (soon), learnt everything that are within my jobscope, but that's just not the kind of jobscope that I like..

Not something that I have interest in..even though my boss told me she is willing to teach me more mechanical and property stuffs.. But I just don't have the heart to learn it.

I love the environment, my colleagues, my site.. but I don't love what I am doing now..

Life is just so contridicting.. there's pros and cons in everything.. It's either you leave ur comfort zone or u stay put and continue on with what you have..

I guessed I would need to take sometime to consider this area in my life and I shall not procastinate any further..

Of course there are alot of other areas in my life which I have no control of it. I don't know whether it would continue to be stagnant or it will move on to a better/ worse situation.

But whatever it is, whatever will happen in the future, I thanked God for what I have now, I prayed for more better things to come in my life..

Also, thank you all my friends, my family members, my dearest bf.. for making my life wonderful as it is now.....

I shall continue to cherish and be contented with what I have now..


Since so long nv update this lousy blog..

I shall upload some photos shun bian.. if not it will really be a ONCE in a year thing...

My beloved Colleagues.. with them working is FUN...

Ex-colleagues from Bluebird at Bluebird DND.. even though I left but I'm still invited sweet..

My fave self-potrait taken by Jinmei...

My God-daughter Charlotte.. omg She's so big alrdy.. nxt yr gg Pri Sch...

Charlotte and Julian... they were just babies not long ago.. and now they grew up so much..Omg I AM OLD...

Me and Shumin and Ah Bi during CNY.. Love them lots..

Went Phuket with bf and group of frens... its our first trip tgt..

Us at the hilltop after conquring it with our ATV Rides....

Perhaps I shall consider perming my hair back.. since it's been so long...

Bf handmade this card for me the other day.. he drew and he wrote touching words.. I AM fking touched by him and his love.. :)

Enough of uploading, since all of them are in FB.. Ever since FB started, alot of photos damn lazy to re-upload on to blog.. yawnz that explains why alot of ppl quit blogging..

I realized this year I never took much photos, shall continue to take more for the last few months of the year....

Got to catch up with all my dramas now....

Have a happy weekends everyone :)

Short Note: I'll never be the same if we ever meet again..

With Love, 4:08 PM

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age Forever 21


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