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Friday, March 12, 2010'♥


There's a lot of incidents in life where ppl asked us to be understanding. I tried most of the time and there's some actions which I would never really understand.

For Example No 1:

My point of view: True enough, working on weekends are fine to me and I am understanding enough to not meet up every week, not even once a week.

My point of view: It's ok, I can have plans with my own girlfriends and be understanding enough not to disturb u.. No meet is ok...

My point of view: Though this is not the first time, it's ok I'll be understanding and tried to ask my frens to go with me.

For Example No 2:

My point of view: It's ok then we go to those dates which are earlier so that it won't clashed with your voluntary work that week.

My point of view: It's ok then we just go to the dates which can accommodate to you.

Yes, I did try to be understand to these two people. But what did I get in the end??

People took me for granted thinking that I will be UNDERSTANDING and UNDERSTAND their stiuations?

Hey, for goodness sake's I am human orite.. I can't be forever understanding and put myself in people's shoes...can't I be selfish for once? So just because, I always angry and get over it easily, that means you all can ASSUME everything it's ok and just live with it...

I tried to understand why we never meet up so often? I did try orite? but the reasons u gave me are beyond my understanding... No matter how tired, poor the person is, what I asked for is just a simple dinner affair on weekdays? Is it really that difficult to initiate and make an effort to meet up instead of me always being the one?


I tried to understand your BUSY schedule due to the voluntary thingy, I aksed you UMPTEEN times whether you can make it anot, whether you want to go anot until you said I'm long-winded.. WE WERE THERE to BOOK the tickets together you didn't even mentioned anything..

I tried so hard to find dates that we could go, changing the dates over and over again so that we would not missed the promotions of the airline.. and yet?

AFTER we HAVE BOOKED everything you told me a day after, you might not have enough days for your leave and the voluntary thingy might have briefing..

Why don't you tell me earlier? Why don't you plan earlier on the day WHEN I FIRST ASKED YOU?? at the KIM Gary Restaurant? Oh so total u have TWO DAYS instead of ONE DAY to think...

Oh ya now u said coz I gave u one day dateline onli.. PLS Budget Airline DON"T WAIT, you try asking them to wait for you to think and at the same time block seats for you? pls if you want to wait then take SQ.. they will let u wait and plan and think FOREVER!!

If you want to take budget the main thing is be FAST.. plan and go!! so many ppl are snatching the seats due to promo.. DUN EVER TRAVEL ON BUDGET IF YOU DUN SENSED THE URGENCY!!

Yes yes yes, Understanding is not easy... If you can really be so understanding , then congrats to you!! you're a Saint!!

And if you can't, Congrats we are HUMAN.. we can't be always thinking from other ppl's shoes, we have our own desire, our own dreams our own interest, why bear with it and pretend nothing has happened and be understanding when the truth is YOU ARE NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!

and I'm sorry

From now on I want to be happy.. so no understanding would be ENTERTAINED!!

Short Note: First time I'm ever so PISSED

With Love, 6:17 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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