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Sunday, April 19, 2009'♥

Where my money goes to.....

Yest afternoon, me and X-tin attended the Anna Sui Tea Party at Bugis. The response was overwhelmed.. coz the counter were full with people... too much until that it's abit squeezy with everyone crowding around the counter. To the extent that me and x-tin thought... "That's it, let's go."

The feeling of meeting up ur long-best friend was great. Even though we each had different characters, different problems in life... but yet everytime when we meet, there was no distance at all...we would talk for hours, non-stop with a wide vareity of topics... No matter how long we didn't meet before that, all that does not matter anymore.

(pics courtesy from Ms X-tin)

Darling, please remb our date on 7th of May? I will wait for you at the atm hahaha.. :)

Oh yes, along the way while we were queuing in the toilet.. I met the "dollies" gang which happened to be my dear lousy cousin Xiaohan's friend... What a place to meet haha.. but anyway.. finally i get to see them REAL life... wohoooooo... Hope that next time if we happened to bump again TOILET would not be the place haha...


This afternoon after so much procastination, I finally picked up my lazy bones and did a thorough SPRING cleaning of my wardrobe... I had so much clothes that overflowed everywhere, chairs, boxes and even tables. So you can roughly imagine how jialat it is... I have to lai hui alot of times just to compile them all in the living room... haha..

This may look orite... wait till u see more....

Still ok onli rite?

Tadah!! that's how high it was... and no these are not all.. I still have one big box of it and not to mention those still at the laundry basket hahaha...

When my mama and papa saw it they were like.. "you see, that's where all your money goes to, thousands of dollars." Haha... yes buying clothes is my zhi ming shang.. I simply can't resist it... especially when it's on SALE. Freak man.. I feel like I'm the same as the character in "Confession of a shopaholic" just that the stuffs I bought are very much on the lower end?

I managed to throw away a big bag of clothes... and the rest I decided to sell it away... coz most of the clothes were so new.... some I did not even wear before, it would be so wasteful to throw it away rite?

Thus, I am going to set up a blogshop just to sell away all the clothes... as you know Mrstea is now broke, she needs input... rest assured, the prices will be damn cheap I promised.... starting from $2? haha

So stay tunned for more info... and please if you guys have any plus sized frens roughly my size (ahem) or medium size fren, please intro the blog to them muahahahahaha.

Alright as for now, let me now go work on it...

Short Note: 无能为力

With Love, 7:55 PM

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