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Tuesday, October 14, 2008'♥

It's all about treating...

It’s the start of a brand new week once again. In my personal schedule the calendar stated that there are still 5 more weeks to go. Yeah counting down the days with my partner in crime Ms Shufen. Everytime time she called me, she will remind me how many more weeks left.

Yesterday a dinner treat made me missed Singapore again, especially Chicken Rice. We thought it would be a normal Monday evening with us eating out since Ah Ping Jie told us she won’t be cooking, but just as we are about to knock off, our second big boss said he will treat us for dinner once again. And in our hearts, we know that once he said he wanted to treat us = GOOD FOOD.

The previous time (oh ya as I’m typing away, I realized I haven’t post up the entry about it haha) we went to this Cantonese Restaurant Called Ju Fu Yuan It’s located at somewhere very ulu, near a country club. Just the environment alone won our appetite. It’s so pretty and nice. And yes, we dine at one of the VIP room. Good service man.

I know I know you want to see the pics rite….

The front entrance...

From the wet towel you can see what is the restaurant famous for....

The main purpose of this pic is to show you my second big boss.. vice-GM

And if you really did guess from the previous pic, yesh the restaurant is famous for ROAST PIGEONS...woohoo my first virgin try and it's really damn yummy...

China's style of sweet and sour pork...but inside it's fatty meat yawnz..

Chicken soup...oh man this is so bu lah.. so much good stuff inside the soup how can not bu at all haha..

Some fried crispy prawn with mayo..

Steam fish...erm i'm not quite a fish person u see haha..

Main lead of the day.. PEKING duck!!!! so crispy and nice lah..and after cutting the skin away the duck meat is stir fried so one DUCK TWO USE cool...

Nice juicy yummy xiao long bao....

After the lunch, boss brought us on sight seeing to 太湖.. a very nice relaxing place, whereby there's lots of resort nearby. The place is good for those who wan a peaceful life. How I wish I can have money to buy a house there...

The nice long bridge

Two spoilers...

Us with Ah Ping Jie

The four of us....

It's the autumn season and in Suzhou, this season is famous for eating hairy crabs, 大闸蟹 and it's so kind of ah ping jie's husband ah fu to buy it back for us to eat... cause it's not cheap also.

He cooked alot of dishes that day....

The main lead of the day....ALL females one with lots of crab roe OH MAN

Singapore food in Suzhou

My GM really like sweet and sour pork haha.. yeah this is more Singapore flavour compared to the one we had in the restaurant the other time.

Furong egg...nice

Fishball mee pok dry.. the noodles are really nice and QQ

The chilli are even better that....

We had so many of it... so spicy man...

They always say the moon is always rounder on the other side. Do you agree?

Some of my friends asked "wa u eat so much, so are u getting fatter or are u slimmer?"

Haha.....that is for you all to guess.... we shall see when I get back alright...lolz...

Short Note: I still missed Chicken Rice...

With Love, 7:33 PM

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