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Saturday, September 20, 2008'♥

Saturday- my online day.

So it's been confirmed only on Saturdays then I'm allowed to go online using the company's wireless services cool rite. I've been so sua khoo now....dunno wads happening around the world except news in Suzhou.

Currently, the milk powder incident is very hot in here. One of the brand killed the babies here. SO DAMN bad lah the supplier. So we dare not eat any dairy products here now.haiz.

I have actually typed out a post with photos last week. However due to connection problem or maybe my friend Ms Selyn is too busy to post it for me. So ppl be patient ok.

I'm counting down the days back to Singapore, can't wait and I'm so gonna go to the hawker centre and eat my fave chicken rice etc haha. Who want to go with me? haha

Ok I try to post some random pics, now using my lappy cause the other time it failed miserably. Haha. For more pics pls wait for Ms Yap patiently.

First and foremost, welcome to my hostel. It looked kinda of old from the outside rite. However the inside is still orite. The corridor is SO DAMN dark, everytime we come home we have to use torchlight, credits to Ms Eun for her beautiful cute torchlight that she gave me before I board the plane. haha it really come in handy man.

When I said I'm living in a village I really meant it. haha.

This pic is taken below my hostel. YOU can imagine the dust in here? From now on it shall be named the DUSTY town haha.

This is Laoniang in the company's toilet with a uniform on machiam production worker rite. haha

Almost daily breakfast....2RMB nia and its damn filling. Around $0.40 sing dollars

My work desk...all these accompany thru my sleepy morning lolz. I loved jelly beans the most man.

Guess who I saw when I went shopping in Suzhou City last weekend??

OH MAN...DABAO's long lost brother hahaa... I'm surprised there's NICI toys here. However I did not buy, cause the face not nice one...my dabao still cuter u see. Anyway when I was on the taxi back, I passed by a BIG shop selling NICI toys, but I really dunno where it is, how I wished I could jump off the car that time haha. Hopefully I can pass by there again.

Hao le that's all for a short update.

I got to work on the project assigned to me by my boss le.

Pls take care my dear friends..Really missed u guys alot.

Short Note: I'm surrounded my childishness...

With Love, 7:58 AM

Lover ♥

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