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Saturday, August 16, 2008'♥

Mountain or 12 Lotus?

Just when I got up the mountain. Shufen came to the mountain and visited me.....Awwwww...

In order to compensate her effort, I decided to accompany her to watch "the 12 Lotus"... COOL man Midnight show later....

Oh well I can't seemed to settle myself down to study.. can't focus at all... Mama help me!!!

Furthermore... I kept watching this....

Photos grabbed from cruzteng.com

This is so called the "sequel" followed by my fave show last year.. HEART OF GREED...however this time round the story had a twist, it's totally different however the same actors remained.

It's so addictive... and I'm already at episode 12 liao...hopefully I can catch the whole series soon cause.. I'll be going away next month. Awww....

Where to?


Surprise rite? Actually those who are around me already got wind of the news long ago. It's only after this morning briefing session that everything was confirmed. So I thought of announcing it after everything's confirmed.

I'll be going to Suzhou China for three months on overseas attachment. Will be working there, accommodation and allowances provided.

Cool right... Thank God for blessings.

Will fly off on 9th September 10am at Terminal 3 (yeah yeah yeah)

Anyway my classmate Reuben will be going to Cebu, Philippines on the same day too... Yeah so we will be sending him off first than me...(hopefully? provided my friends loved me?)

Will return on 22nd Nov (7days before my bd ahem...*hint*) This year I might be celebrating my bd at a club...requested by all my friends...but I'm considering....tat will all depend on whether will they all missed me while I'm away. HAHA

So after my exams I will try to catch up with alot of people before I fly off.... So pls date me alright my dear friends and COUSINS...haha...

Oh well, nuff said... I need to go back to my Managerial Accounting.....arggghhh I HATE MATHS!!!

Short Note: Who will I missed? Alot...

With Love, 10:20 PM

Lover ♥

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