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Monday, July 07, 2008'♥

The Waiting Game.....

Out of pure boredom, Xtin approached me and asked me to set a topic so that we would both blog about it together.

You know when you're in the midst of the rushing project season, nothing just came out of your mind.. cause you're just too tired to think. So I just told her..."The Waiting Game" which was also my current MSN Nick.

Waiting happens in everyday of our lives isn't it?

The moment you're awake,

you wait to use the toilet
you wait for your breakfast to be served
you wait for the lift
you wait for the bus
you wait for the tutorial to start

you wait you wait and you wait... (even as I'm typing now, I'm waiting for the page to load)....

In a relationship there' s more waiting isn't it?

You wait for your bf to wake up
You wait for your bf to call you
You wait for your bf to sms you
You wait for your bf to ans your call
You wait for your bf to meet you
You wait for your bf to fetch you
You wait for your bf to give you an answer on where to eat dinner
You wait for your bf to give you an opinion

and the list goes on....

It's tiring to wait, it's even tiring to wait for an uncertainty. And playing the waiting game is worse....

So what exactly is the waiting game? In my opinion, it's just simply waiting for the other party...

Not everyone can play it well.. Some quit it the first round, Some persevere on while some succeed in it.

Seriously I hate the feeling of waiting....

The vagueness, the inconsistency, the insecurities, the uncertainty will drive a person crazy...

But somehow or rather, I waited two years for an answer... I dare not say I've succeeded cause even with that answer, I foresee there's more "Waiting" to come...

True enough, the waiting game is going to start a new season soon...

Can I persevere on to the next level? Stay tunned for that....Cause for now...

I dare not think far... the road ahead is dark but I will wait for the fog to clear....

Maybe one day.. I will really find the happiness that I'm waiting for all these while....

Yes i meant MAYBE....

Short Note: time for some couple confession....

With Love, 11:21 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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