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Sunday, July 13, 2008'♥

Hold Your Cards Well.....

There are so much things in my life right now, that I wish that I could go on a short holiday immediately… Put down all matters and just go on a carefree trip…

But circumstances just don’t allow it…

Yesterday my cousin from Batam sent me a comment on my friendster. I realized how much I missed him, his family and not to mention top on my list - my grandma. The missing is so great that I always dreamt of going back Batam in my dreams recently.

Sadly to say I simply can’t… I had to even sacrifice my weekends for projects.. Life is just so pathetic isn’t it?

Though the road gets tougher…it's how you manage it. I read somewhere before and the saying goes like this Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.”

Instead of being grumpy, I decide to de-stress myself away yesterday….in a small corner of Pasir Ris…

Yesh… u know where it is.. if you know me well enough….

The village where all fisherman’s of life gathered. – Fisherman Village (Summer Breeze)

My tool to de-stress... San Miguel= tough pronounciation some says its pronounced as "San Migail", some says its "San Miger"... Whatever it is...it's still nice...

Me and a very stressed and tired face...Told ya.. I need a break soon...

Calamaris.... good companion for the beer...

The chilling out session didn't end until 3plus in the morning.. I need more of this kind of session in between my hectic life now..

Whatsmore...When you had lots of durians in a week(this is only one third)... plus not enough sleep = HEATY...

If you think that's the end... then you're wrong!!! Went for dinner with Ah D at Botak Jones just now...he actually bought durians after dinner for desserts....and you all should know what happened in the end...

Yes I'm super heaty now... better dun provoke me.. I'll bite your head off!!!

Ps: It took me this ______________________________long to realize the word "friend and rank"

Short Note: 7 Sticks....I need a good laugh

With Love, 10:50 PM

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