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Friday, May 02, 2008'♥

Over the past few days..

Admist the various projects, research and most importantly PMS!! I did find time out with my dearest friends..

Their presence did cheer me up .. especially the part on.. Vagi**, B**bs, AS* and AN*S.. We are all privates..haha.. RITE MS EUN? haha

On WED, met up with Limin and Ah Yap at cityhall.. since Limin was on leave..I went to the SOUP SPOON for the first time of my life...

We ordered the set meal, which includes one regular soup of any choice, one side salad / half sandwich and one glass of ice lemon tea...

I always had my reserved about drinking soup.. HOW Filling will it be man? But i was so wrong.. We were so full that we didn't had dinner after this man...

Limin's Beef soup.. nice nice.. I would try this the next time...

I go for safer choice, Boston's clam chowder.. YUMMYLICIOUSSSSSS

Ah Yap's Cauliflower dunno wad soup..which tasted like Indian curry...opps haha

I had Caesar's Salad for my side dish...yum yum..

Limin's dunno wad shitake mushroom sandwich

Ah Yap's prawn dunno wad wrap... she said it's delicious wor...

It's a nice experience..and I will surely visit them again.. it's great for value.. Thanks for the treat Ah Yap...(See I told u I'm cheapo...)

We then waited for 45 mins for these....

How to give it a miss when I'm in Cityhall... I am so patient for J.co donuts.. dun mind waiting for them.. Guess which is my favourite?

Surprisingly, it's not COCOLOCO, I bought two cause I gave my parents that.. I loved the SPIDERWEB one.. inside it's filled with peanut butter.. YUMMYY

After window shopping.... yesh there's sales everywhere.. but I just can't find anything I want.. We decided to find somewhere to have a seat and chill out...

GELARE's waffles!!!.. Thanks Limin for the treat (Ms Cheapo is on the strike again)... Oh ya but we regretted chilling there afterwards.. cause there's a drunkard..yesh damn super drunk at 8pm!! LOUSY LAH.. some more on LONG ISLAND TEA? We were Harassed by him.. or rather ignored him.. until he finally went off, then we can move out.. anyway he forgot HIS WALLET!! lousy him.. He must have regretted the next day..


Main motive today was to go window shopping at Bugis...

Tried on a few dress...

Mrstea's in the changing room.. Dun not scroll down if you have a weak heart...

Humpty Dumpty Mrstea? I look so short in this haha..

This looks better? haha Ms Eun would say.. do not look at things on the surface....CHEAPO is looking for sponsors again... *acts innocent* haha..

I still haven't found anything I liked yet.. will be going for another round of shopping tmr..

MS Off aka Joyce is sweet today..Upon hearing that I liked 7Zai (ok I've been pestering her.. ) She bought me a 7 zai which looks like it had a bad nightmare...


The one on the left is Lao D bought for me de, it got a very sad face lah...well the right one....is the one Joyce bought...it's ok..at least it's special coz it got brown EYES!!!!

Ok so Lao D's one is smaller in size.. whereas Joyce's one is taller..and got a big butt...lolz.. Nevertheless, the both of them are so going to be friends...yeah..

Thank you Ms Off.. I was just nagging, didn't know you really will buy it...your RESPECT is deeply appreciated lolz..(From: Ms CHEAPO)

Gotta have an early rest.. More window shopping tmr...!!!!!
























sorry 我还是不会放弃爱你

Short Note: 只想愛你....

With Love, 10:31 PM

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