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Wednesday, May 14, 2008'♥

The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian

Finally The second part of Narnia is here.. The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian!!!!!!

I remembered I watched the first part of Narnia"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," two years ago on xmas eve... and it's my first time counting down xmas in the cinema.. I would never forget that day...Good movie + Good companion = Happy Me...

When I reached home and saw this contest by Nuffnang, it really builds up the excitement in me.. Ms Eun was like saying when when when should we watched it over dinner tonight....and Tadah!! it's coming soon...

Well, Why do I want to watch Narnia, Prince Caspian?

Here are 10 reasons why???'

* I watched part one and it really got me so addicted to it.. in the end I watched it three times!!! therefore this is the main reason why I should continue on part two....

* I am the fan on Narnia, and I was conned into watching " Bridge to Terabithia' thinking that it's Narnia Part two only to find out that it's also one of the books by the author yawnnz..

* Same thing.. I went to watch "The Spiderwick Chronicles" thinking it's Narnia Part two.. since it had the word "Chronicles" in it...Yesh.. laugh all you want haha.. I'm DUMB...

* I'm typing this entry 12:24 in the morning right after I reached home and saw the email... and I got to wake up for early lesson tmr...See how sincere I am to get free tickets to watch this movie...

* I am a fan of fantasy stories... When Narnia was first shown.. I went to my wardrobe to see if there's any hidden compartment...to lead me to another world...Oppss -___-

* I want to know how is Aslan doing? Is he still as witty and brave as usual.. or has he retired to a small village and be someone's else pet lion?? lolz..

* The actor portraying Prince Caspian is so yandao Cool... I'm sure many girls would like to catch the movie with the same motive?? Oh another Opps

* After watching the trailer... The visual effect was good.. the visual effect is one of the main component in a fantasy movie.. How can we missed that?

* Remember the four kids from the Previous Narnia? They have grown up.. I just can't wait to see how they look like after two years !!! :0

* I'm dateless on Vesak Day..... IF i could attend the movie event........I will be :) :) :) :) :) HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

Are you tempted to know more about the movie? You can do so by clicking below:


Also, to ease your curiosity....Here's the trailer...

May you all have a wonderful fantasy dream.......

Good Night.....

Short Note: 2 years passed just like these....

With Love, 11:17 PM

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