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Tuesday, April 15, 2008'♥

Jello-Strawberry Cheesecake....

Once again, I'm dai sai... This afternoon two friends of mine- Ms Eun and Ms Joewyn came and told me my blog entries can't be seen. What? I'm viewing my blog at that moment.. but I can see it ma.. Oh well I forgot I'm using Mozilla Firefox whereas they're using the internet explorer.

And in the end I found out that my blog is the only one affected....see how dai sai I am.. reason being something wrong with the code of my blog skin.. So cool.. here I am changing another skin.. hopefully this skin won't give me any problem as you can see I'm a computer idiot when it comes to HTML Codes....


Despite being dai sai...my mood was alright today.. therefore I decided to make something...

Something which I wanted to do but don't have the time... Yeah..
Cheesecake anyone??

I briefly saw the recipe from here and there.. cause there's alot of version and came out with my own Mrstea's Version...Yesh My first time making Jello type...

Come come.. Mrstea is generous enough to share her improvised recipe with you all...(should there be any food poisoning case.. pls dun blame me tks..:)

Step 1:

Crushthe digestive biscuit into crumbs...(imagine ur crushing someone you hate maybe it will be faster)

Step 2:

Melt the butter.. I preferred SCS butter... it just taste nice.. oh ya there's reduced salt one available now.. but it's more exp lah..

Step 3:

Pour butter into the crushed biscuit crumbs... and mixed it well..

Step 4:

After mixing the butter and crumbs.. place it in a mold.. any mold in fact.. for me I chose the Heart-shaped one and the round one (u can see it later)

Smoothen it to ensure it's evenly spread... place it in the freezer for around 30-45 mins (last time i saw one recipe said put in the fridge and tmd I dunno wait how many donkey years for the base to be hard lor)

Step 5:

The main Star is here.. while waiting for the base to be hard.. we need to start with the filing.. and so far I think Philadelphia cheese is nice.. but it's 5 bucks per block.. damn exp..and yes YOU NEED two of it...(making this cheesecake is making me broke too)

Put the cheese into a big mixing bowl and add Two teaspoon of Vanilla Essence (oh ya i loved the taste of vanilla essence i could drink the whole bottle....opps)

Step 6:

Whisk the egg white... yes only egg white dun act clever put in the yolk.. cause it will not have that foam effect.. and while whisking I wished that I had this

Wakaoz.. I really is whisk until my arms are so tired lah.. on the other hand.. my big FLABBY arms get to exercise.. so not that bad too...faintz.. U need to be super patient to do this..

Remember IS FOAM ah.. not liquid form.. if not your whole cheesecake will be so softtttttt...the reason of adding egg white is to make it more "DEVELOPED" aiyah u know what i mean de lah..haha

Pour it into the cheesecake mixture and MIXED WELL again...

Step 7:

Second star of the day Strawberries!!!!!... On a closer look don't you think they looked like the pores on our face... felt like squeezing out the blackheads from the strawberries.. ORITE I'm being GROSS here haha..

Cut the strawberries into thin slices.. preferably heart-shaped.. yesh it takes time to master..and I still failed..

Step 8:

As we are doing the Jello Cheesecake..WE NEED JELLY MIX....wohooo.. Dun need me teach you how to make jelly rite.. you know de rite???

Step 9:

Evenly spread the cheese mixture on the base (please make sure ur base is hard enough before you spread it.. if not everything collapse then u can say BYE BYE....)

Step 10:

Decorate your strawberries on the cake... Ok i know i know.. some strawberries I cut until like shit okok.. Practice makes perfect lolz..Oh ya pls cut the strawberries thinner...haha

Step 11:

Pour the jelly mixture on top of it all.. Dun be like me cut the strawberries until so thick.. cause the jelly cannot sip through it...

Place the whole cake into the fridge.. (NOT the freezer this time, u wouldn't want to play short put at home haha)

Tadah!!!!The cake is ready for consumption after around 3 hours in the fridge....

This is the final masterpiece

Haha.. laugh all you want ba... better than nothing rite...

This is supposed to be the MODEL one.. Yes I think I should buy a square mould so it's easier to cut it..

But nonetheless it tasted not bad.. Mum and dad loved it.. especially mum.. she had three pieces of it wohoooo!!!.....

Still left some ingredients.. I think I might make another one soon.. hopefully my strawberries won't die so soon? Anyone had any idea.. how long a strawberry can last?? haha

I'm a happy kid today.. cooking is really my hobby.. it makes me happier ...:)

Short Note: This time you won't get to taste it....or bi good...

With Love, 9:54 PM

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