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Wednesday, April 30, 2008'♥

Je suis fille unique...

I was born as an only child in my family...due to the late marriage of my parents and financial constraints..

I studied alone, I watched tv alone and sometimes I played alone...

Since young, I had this habit of talking to my teddy bears... I treated them as my only friend, tell them what I encountered in school, who did I quarreled with and even my crush..you might have thought that I am crazy but I really treated them like my family members.. They are the ones whom I will get to see them everyday when I get home...

I remembered once during my birthday.. I wished for siblings.. .Of course being an only child isn't that bad.. at least the love from my parents were not being shared.


I always wanted to have an older sister or brother.. someone whom I can talked to, someone whom I can share my food with and someone who will dote on me.

Especially when I get older.. there are many problems in my life which I can't possibly tell my parents about it.. At that time, I really hope to have a sister or brother, someone whom can guide me along, someone who can listen to my problems and someone whom they can share their experience with...

I know.. not all siblings can get along well, someone might even hate each other..

But at least there's someone to share ur family burden with u? The responsibilities are much lesser , the burden are lighter...

At this point of time, I really hoped there's someone here to share the burden with me, especially when my parents are getting old..I felt so alone sometimes.....I felt so tired sometimes of bearing the burden..I felt so stretch out sometimes when I've reached my limit..I wished to contribute more.. but I really can't...

Am I really that useless?

You would never felt this way unless you're an only child..or maybe an only child from not a very well-do family...

People out there...cherish your siblings, it's not by coincidence that you all are siblings, it's by fate that you all are family members.. Not many people are that fated in this world..

Trust me if I'm given a chance.. I wouldn't want to be an only child again.. and if I have this chance in the future.. I wouldn't want to restrict myself to have one child only...really..

Short Note: An only child's agony...

With Love, 10:10 PM

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