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Monday, March 31, 2008'♥

Yes, It's Sentosa

In case you're still wondering where's the beach that we went on Sunday...

Yes, it's Sentosa

Was supposed to go for K-lunch that morning...gave my usual morning call but that someone did not pick up, I'm feeling sleepy too therefore the ktv was canceled.

Received a call from Ms Elsie (Xtin's sis) she wanted to bring baby out and asked me along... Would I ever reject meeting baby Charlotte? Of Course not!!!

I suggested Vivo, since I'm sick of town and briefly suggested Sentosa for a short evening walk down the sands...but we ended up having a "beach party" there haha...

Started our first meal with desserts...Who says desserts are meant to be taken after meal?

Amazed by it? Ever since Hagen daz jacked up the fondue price from 15 bucks to 39.90, I totally forgot about them selling fondue.

You must have thought we are feeling rich nowhere to spend the money right? Haha.. If not for the $50 vouchers that Ms Elsie had I would not spend such a bomb on this.. But the chocolate is definitely nicer than most of the fondue outside...YESH super Sinful Indulge...

Seeing Baby Charlotte so bored we decided to let her zi lian abit...

Baby with my specs.. She just loved it lah.. keep posing to let us take pics.. There's another one of her looking at a book (but my dear friend nv sent me) she looked like harry potter...tats wad her mum said.

Her mum bought her this balloon.. cute rite.. bumble bee.. but at the end of the day... left the face onli...yawnzzz..

This Sentosa outing was totally unplanned for... as in our attire... the barangs barangs... and also footwear.. can u imagine I'm wearing pointed heels to the beach cool rite...

Shermaine (Xtin's eldest sis) called her and said she was at vivo too.. asked us to meet them and go Sentosa together.. I never knew they were so ON about it too....

SO off we went in the newly bought Estima... so spacious lah...

Nanny Tea and baby... She feeling damn shiok to have such a big mattress to lie on ...haha

Need Nanny? Please call.. 1800-I want to hire Nanny Tea thank you...

The weather was super duper hot and humid lah.. Went there buay tahan le.. and we got ourselves a pair of slippers.. mine was onli 3bucks WOHOOOHOO cause the sizes left are big...Who says BIG FOOT not good??

We decided to chill out at a bistro near Siloso Beach...

This is my definition of A HAPPY FAMILY...yesh.. husbands please bring your kids out on Sunday.. it's supposed to be a "FAMILY DAY" not a "STAYING AT HOME and NUA DAY"

The one and only pic at the beach.. it's too hot and we are damn pekchek to take alot of photos... wads more our attire sucks...hahaha Thank God for this spec... my make up were melting...

Foot prints on the sand... Quickly washed away by the waves... Wad does that implies?

Baby Julian indulging himself with the sands..

Let's work together ok?

Group pic... We heart Sentosa...(provided we are in our right attire)

One day... Three sisters treated me desserts (Elsie), Lunch (xtin), Dinner (Shermaine)

What could I wish for? Take care of the kids lor hahaha...

Nanny Tea's golden mission = Let food be the reward haha...

I'm feeling so sick at the moment.. blocked nose at night causes insomnia... runny nose in the afternoon causes me giddyness at work...

Cough + phlegm = Super SICK


I better try to get well soon by this weekend... I want to enjoy it man..

Short Note: You are more excited than me...

With Love, 10:57 PM

Lover ♥

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