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Wednesday, March 12, 2008'♥

Two days of Shopping...

Phew... so fast and it's WED today..

Started working on Monday and I would say it's good to be back to the same old familiar workplace. My boss actually placed an angpow on my desk for chinese new year. Can't imagine i have skipped work for two months. Everything went well and I managed to hit the quota that Boss set. Feel good for the first day man.

Get to know a new colleague, a sweet young lady.. who thinks that I'm a quiet person... haha think she must really get to know me more.. Didn't talk much to her on the first day cause I shy ma...

Talking about shy...I wore this to school and Marcus was like saying Pls dun wear something that is NOT YOU.

Yes.. Little Miss Shy Tee... haha Ya lah I'm not little nor am I shy lah... haha shitto haha..

Met up with Ms Christine for dinner cum shopping at orchard. Due to serious hungriness we settled for Ding Tai Fung at Wisma. Normally I wouldn't go there except for their xiao long bao and the pork chop fried rice. Thanks for the treat Ms Lim.

Accompanied her for some pajamas shopping for our upcoming trip. Oh man it was crazy trying one after another haha.. we had to rush as the shops closes at 930 on Monday. Cool man..

Xiao Fu bought this for me from her KL trip last week.. (and yeah she's going again this week with me haha)

Yeah.. she thinks she's Edison..and I'm one of her lover hahahaha.. We had a great laugh about this.. but nevertheless.. thank you my beloved xiao fu.


In the end I myself is being psychoed to buy pajamas too..though i already had a few sets... but those cannot go out to da chang mian one haha..

I was just trying my luck msging Ms Tupperware aka Ms Cindy... (i knew that she has resigned and it's her first day of freedom) and Thank God she's available!!! haha..

Both of us went town for my pajamas spree... During the process i know she's being tempted too to buy a set.. haha but in the end Mango won over her heart lolz...

Went Daiso and I bought this...

Know what is this? A Croakcoach Trap!!!! Though the animation looks cute.. but i tink real life they look so disgusting seriously haha.. It was actually recommended by Ms Eun, to Ms Yap and then I decided to give it a try.. The croakcoach are supposed to stick on the trap and can't escape. So far there's nothing yet.. and this kind of task I assigned it to my wonderful DAD... haha He would always pick it up and check lol..

The Shopping for Pajamas Spree starts now:

Seriously pls dun ask me why is there a skinny monkey in the fitting room...and don't ask me why do i have such a mad cousin.. because i dunno wad to say abt her... her pose are abit abnormal sometimes...haha

Where is my pajamas? haha Show u all when I wear it on Sat nite for the party ba.. stay tunned for the pics...Heard that there will be choc fountain for the party...OH MY.....must bring tupperware along man.

We walked passed one of the shopping centre and a guy was giving out something... He gave me two packets of it and I thought its tissue... Oh my it's actually Meiji's Amino Collagen... been wanting to try it but it's abit exp.. and yeah.. we actually walked passed two TIMES in the end and got ourselves six packets each.. yipeee!! Pls dun think we are cheapo.. we are just helping the guy to end his work earlier ahem...

Though I have a lousy cousin... but yeah..I still love her.. haha thanks for accompanying me for the little shopping trip. From our conversation, my little cousin I realized you have grown up alot... you're no more the little girl that i played with last time.. You're moving on to be a great lady...wohooo touched ba.. hahaha


Some random photos...( ohwell outdated pics to be precise haha)

Preview of Spiderwick Chronicles with Ah Yap....

CNY Day 1

This is Kai Kai my cousin son.. he is so cute... i loved his smile ...

Look at daddy's outfit... I chose the polo tee for him...nice rite haha..till now he's been wearing it so often...makes him look younger...

Chinese New Year Day 1

My nails

On the eve of New year.. granny took out a pile of photos...and it is so old.. My mum is the onli girl and my grandfather is damn shuai lah last time..look at his build man...wohoooo

Me and Mi jie watching Heroes while waiting for the reunion dinner.. dabao is being squashed.. We are weird we wore red for the reunion dinner and other colours for the first day haha..

Dabao loves to play mahjong too.. but his tiles sucks...

Uncle shifted into a big bungalow.. and the decor is so nice... so fusion... can't imagine I'm at Batam.. This is one of the fave corner that I like.

But my fave corner is.. THE Leisure corner...I just loved the armchair lah...

You would often find me going back Batam for now... I just loved that house.. haha..

Cindy and her family came over to my house on the fourth day of new year... as I'm only back by then...

Gu gu and ah leng came over too..and not to mention Ms Cindy's dog Rosy.

Went down to buy or lua for them and guessed what happen to the packet of or lua?

Faintzz.. they used it to lao yu sheng... hahaha...creative huh.. i guessed the whole of singapore only the SEE family did it.

Oh well that's enough of photos for now.. One more day of working.. and it's a long weekend for me...yeah.. heard from Ms Off that results are out tmr.. oh man....all the best to myself ba....

* Updates: Just trying my luck checking the results.. and tadah I saw it.. I'm happy with my results.. in fact for one of the sub i didn't think i will score that grade.. hahaha.. happy!!! now i can enjoy the rest of my holidays in peace....

Short Note: Give me 2 years more...

With Love, 8:01 PM

Lover ♥

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