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Friday, March 14, 2008'♥

Old Record Player

Just took out my MP3 player decided to add some new songs into it, so that i can survive through the jam tmr. Was browsing through my folders and realized my computer was full of songs and photos.

The songs have many genres, from Mozart's to clubbing hip-hop to techno to jazz to korean to chinese to cantonese to hokkien to instrumental to retro to spanish (i didn't even realised i got this man...stupid Lao D sent me this) to gospel songs to jap songs to festive songs to trance to children's song and many many more....

I didn't know i got such a large variety of songs.. seriously... most of them are sent by frens..my frens are multiculture man...and the recently Lao D sent me a song 香水有毒...wah piang i seriously dunno how to appreciate lah...it's sung by a china woman i assume...i tink we started to have generation gap liao seriously hahaha.. when i heard it i nearly laugh off my chair...and my hokkien songs were mostly sent by him too.. faintz.. you know he even sent me HOKKIEN GOSPEL SONGS...faintz....Dun believe pls go search for this song 走過的日子...I just knew it right now.. I for sure will send him all my gospel songs back ONE day muahahaha.. Ms Leticia u need it for your dad? I'll be more than willing to send u this hahahaha...

Come to think of it, music really played a big part of it in my life. On my journey to work/school, online ( i would always on music de) and even when I sleep (yes my radio are on until I'm awake the next day). I feel so uneasy whenever i forgot my MP3 haha. I think I'm dependent on it.

Back to the folders, I saw many familiar songs which retrieves back memories. I got a bad habit, I don't prefer playlist, once I'm hooked to a song, I would replay it a million times until I'm sick of it...therefore frens who come my house stayover cannot tahan me and I would play the role of DJ catering to their needs haha..

But there are some songs which no matter how many zillion times you listened to it, you won't get sick of it...there are some songs you just won't forget the lyrics and there are some songs which will have an eternal memory attached to it.

So what's your song? What's the song that is there always in your heart and can't be forget?

Before I procrastinate further, time to pack my luggage..if not when ms xiao fu come it'll be more chaotic..haha..

Have a nice weekend ahead my readers...and

Ps: Can't wait for the stayover Ms Leticia...i seriously need a room packer which is YOU!!!!!!!!! haha

Short Note: my song is three lettered.

With Love, 6:20 PM

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