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Wednesday, March 26, 2008'♥

Nemo and the Fisherman

Once upon a time, there's a handsome fisherman who lived by the sea. Though he's handsome, but deep down he's greedy.. He would always cast his net everywhere without failed. Main motive was to catch as much fishes as possible

Of course, his main motive was to catch a very big big fish so that he could sell it off and had money for the rest of his life.

But often, he catches small fishes

In his mind, the fisherman think that since there's no BIG fish, small fish also not bad.. at least that will last him for days.

Slowly he forgot about the big fish.

There were many small fishes in the sea, therefore fisherman always target them. One by one, the small fishes got caught by the fisherman and every small fishes knew that therefore they tried their best to avoid him.

Yet, there's one dumb small fish named NEMO who did not heed the advice of her community and went swimming to the direction of the fisherman. She had longed heard of the handsome fisherman and was curious to find out his looks

Yes, expected.. She got caught, She was afraid, She was confused and yes She fell in love with Mr Fisherman.

Fisherman finds Nemo attractive and think it's a pity to sell her away, therefore he kept her as a pet in his fish tank.

Day by day, Nemo felt that she's the luckiest fish on earth, she never felt so appreciated before and Mr fisherman gave her a more than a tank, she felt being loved and cared for.

One fine day, Fisherman returned home happily with a few of his fisherman friends. Nemo tried to listen to what they were saying and she found out that Mr Fisherman finally caught the biggest fish in his life.

Upon hearing that, Nemo was disappointed and sad but she can't blame anyone as this was the decision she made herself, she knew about the consequences all along.

The next day, fisherman came to see Nemo at the tank one last time, he decided to sell Nemo away. Fisherman told his friends, Nemo was just not the type of fish he liked, he's not satisfied with just one small fish.

Excuses and all excuses, Nemo knew that once a person changes his heart, the excuses are lame and there was no turning back. But what really hurt Nemo the most, was how fast a person's heart could change.

One of the fisherman's fren named K released Nemo back into the sea and asked Nemo to forget the past and give up. Nemo never once heard about the fisherman anymore in her entire life....

Moral of the story:

Many of us makes wrong choices even though we know about the consequences in the end.. What is this? Foolishness or just purely Love is blind?

Love is blind and lovers cannot see

The pretty follies that themselves commit

Is it that love is blind to the truth, or is it that love seeks truth? That love is prepared to forgive a wrong, but if it's too blind will it overlook evil? Is a conflict within love because of a lack of understanding?

The above story are truly fictional, Should it represent any individual live or dead. Mrstea will not be held responsible for it. Thank You....

Short Note: The answer is in the ocean

With Love, 8:10 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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