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Tuesday, March 25, 2008'♥

Late Night Supper Extravaganza

Yest nite Jo called me and said he will be sending me the rest of the KL pics..

Halfway through the pics sending process:

Me: Wah the food is so tempting at this time of the night...
Jo: Yah lor, makes me drool only
Me: See lah make ppl hungry all your fault..
Jo: I also hungry lei, today I got car want to go out eat supper?
Me: Yipeee (cause he lives near me), go Geylang Geylang Geylang!!...
Jo: Dun wan so far later very late.. haha Tampines or Bedok Simpang..
Me: (disappointed with no Tian Ji Porridge) ok loh..better than nothing haha
Jo: Ok I go change now...

That was the initial plan - to eat somewhere in Tampines or Bedok cause the next day he had to attend the cremation ceremony of his Uncle.

When He reached my place at 1am, Ada called him and asked us to go over her house void deck which is one street away to chat, as she's there with James.

And so we went over... chatted abit, took photos and had a great laugh of the upcoming chalet games we will be playing...

Me and my sista Ada...

Her laughter always so contagious and loud lolz..

Laugh somemore i Strangle u haha..

Me and James the lousy angmoh haha

My face looked damn nerd with no makeup..yawnzz

He looked much better with this hairstyle.. and he got a damn good memory lah.. things that happened so long ago he still remember lor.. Eg: I wished to open a pub...haha that dream was so long ago...

The brothers..

Don't need intro.. you know who lah..

My fave necklace.. Can u read what it says?

Then the call came, Jo's aunties at the wake were hungry..and asked him to da pao (takeaway) my hse downstairs de Roti Prata (it's famous ok) haha..

In my mind, I was thinking when is it our turn to eat? hahahaha..

Reached the wake, he went to pass the prata to them (can't go in as I'm wearing red, don't want to raise an Afghanistan War there haha) and THEN his mum and God ma came.. they asked him to fetch them home, halfway through the journey mum asked Jo to send Godma back to her home instead of staying over at theirs..cool.. I assumed both are staying around our area.

Jo's face at this time was totally black..I said.. Bedok only rite.. nvm lah.. later did I know it's KALLANG!!!!!!!! faintz.. with Geylang just across the street..

And so our initial plan was ruined.. but the best thing was I get to eat my fave Tian Ji porridge.

Nice yummy hot porridge at 3 in the morning... Our plan A totally was behind time also haha..

After one big round.. we came all the way for these... total bill $36 with one small plate of fried rice... I think still alright lah.. We chose here coz Jo said can sign card.. yesh no Atm around there so bo bian...Everything ended at 4am.. Poor Jo I wondered how he managed to wake up this morning

While waiting for Jo to da pao the prata before, me and James went mad no opps its zi lian in the car....haha

The Late Nite Supper Drama from mrstea on Comiqs

On the way back home, we sang ktv in the car the whole way through.. it's damn fun lah..
Thanks for both of ur companionship.. though before that there's something weighing on my mind.. going out with you all makes me feel better and I had a good night sleep...

I'm absolutely looking forward to the Chalet next week on April's fool .. Wait!! Is it a joke itself?? Haha Anyway I'm going to take leave for that...I want to play 123 Mu Tou Ren woohooo...

Short Note: I'm just not being honest with myself....

With Love, 3:09 PM

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