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Sunday, January 20, 2008'♥

Rainbowy Day...

Happy Advanced Birthday to Limin!!!

Went to her birthday BBQ celebration at ECP just now... it reminds me of my birthday two months ago. There are just so much things to co-ordinate, plan and assuring. The host is often so busy running around...entertaining guests. But I guess the after effect is happiness...cause all your frens are gathered together to celebrate with you...that's priceless

Hope that you enjoy ur birthday celebration...and I'm sure the few of us enjoyed ourselves too..

When we reached the pit, we were greeted by this....

A rainbow!!!!! SO NICE LAH!!!!

Rainbow is so pretty to look at... I guessed it lightens up a person's mood too... me and selyn was so high and busy taking photos of it... and this is the best we could take coz it's fading away...

Good things always don't last isn't it?

But anyway.. i feel better looking at the sea and of course the rainbow...it cheered me up...(the past few days I've been feeling moody and demoralized)...

and not to mentioned the chatting away with frens...i just love listening to babybear 's stories haha...

Selyn tot i might be bored at first... and she is so sweet enough to bring along her sis DS-Lite (PINK i loved the colour...) to cure my boredom...it's my first time playing with it (ok old sua khoo auntie me) and it's so fun ...

I LOVE COOKING MAMA... can cook all the dishes one by one... now i know why Ms Han is so hooked on Ds-lite also...So for now, Whoever who buys a Ds-Lite for me I will marry him...yawnzz... guess no fool will do that -___-

Photos of Openhouse and BBQ will be uploaded soon.. (yes i know ever since Xmas pics i've been procrastinating, not my camera ma.. have to wait and wait for pics)

So readers... pls be patient with me...

Going swimming tmr again...me and ms off is promoting healthy lifestyle now...

Next week is gonna be a "HELL's week" many projects to be due....stress stress stress!! Die Die Die!!

I really need some life in between...

Short Note: invisible barrier...

With Love, 12:45 AM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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