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Saturday, November 17, 2007'♥

It just flew....

Yest was TP Rawks, lots of events and activities going on as the secs 4 and 5 of different secondary will come to TP and experience the life of a TP student. Why during my time, don't have such good lobangs?

So we were standing outside the library waiting for Mr Jx, and a group of students approach Mr Marcus to ask him buy the balloon which cost 50cents... From what I know it's actually free when they give out in the morning.. but they says all proceeds will be donated to charity so being kind Mr Marcus bought it..

And the next thing we know.. the balloon belongs to me... WHOOPIEE!!! ya ya.. 21(forever21) still play with balloon haha.. who cares.. coz i intend to let it fly away at a big patch of land to see it slowly fly away... BUTTTTTTT

It never happened, coz i guess i accidentally bump into Ms Joyce and my balloon just flew out of my hand to the top of the bus interchange.. so sudden and so no mood can? At least must have this kind of effect ma...

So nice rite? too bad this photo are not taken by me... i loved this pic tat it's on my display pic in MSN now...

It leads me to.......

Some things in you life no matter how hard you try to hold on, keep it with you...

If it just don't belong to you...

When a chance or opportunity comes, it will just loosen itself and fly away.

There is no point holding on, there if no point fighting hard to get it back.

If it's yours it will eventually fly back to you.

I believed that the power of love is great.


I was surprised to receive a phone call from Mr SL yest nite. He was the first guy whom i love(or maybe like) in the Secondary School days. For two long years ok, i got a crush on him and my first diary almost every page is dedicated to him.

It's been a few years since we've last chatted. The past few years, i always tried to maintain a distance with him, coz i found him to be so obsessive with games and arcades and his impression deteriorated as i feel that he's so immature lah..

But yest was the turning point, He finally became more mature and holds a stable job. I'm happy for him and are glad that he's going to take leave for my birthday celebration.

The result of catching up... THREE LONG HOURS...COOL

I woke up this morning hoping that JOYCE would overslept, but shiet she didn't and i dragged myself out of the bed as it's our usual swimming time.

Swimming, Jacuzzi, Suana same old routine. I'm so excited as I walked past the function room and bbq pit.. Yesh, One more WEEK to go...

Roughly all the planning is done, there are so much ppl that i wished to invite but i can't coz the BBQ Package is for 20-25 pax and now i already overcount liao.. haha..so i'm counting on mama to cook bee hoon hopefully to fill all the hunger. The BBQ Package shall be kept secret, all i can say is it's very WU HUA lah..haha.

Here are the Sponsorers: *Updated List*

Mr Jacob is kind enough to sponsor the cake,
Ms Vivian Eun and Ms Joyce Potato Salad and Jelly,
Ms Selyn Yap the decoration and balloons
Mr Kenji the beer
Ms Christine Lim (ahem, Sushi)
My mama the bee hoon
Pat's Dad homecooked Curry

Thank you all my dear friends...

A few ppl had been asking me on how to get there.....I shall post it on my next post... :)

Short Note: Will you fly back?

With Love, 10:37 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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