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Tuesday, November 20, 2007'♥

Clearasil SuperStar

Do you have a nice voice?

Do you frequent the Ktv always?

Does your singing stands out from the crowd?

Do you have a microphone attached to your computer?

Do you love singing so much that you always wanted to join a singing competition?

Do you always wanted to join singing competition but lack the courage?

If your answer is YES for the above...

Your Chance is here... You can be the next Clearasil's Superstar!!!!

You would just need to record a 30 Seconds clip and upload it.. Yes it's that easy.. even DaBao knows how to do it man!!!

Contestants can audition as many times as they wish and there is no age limit.. so if you're 80 years old and you still have singing as you passion... YOU CAN STILL JOIN!!! :)

Upon completion of the audition, CLEARASIL SUPERSTAR contestants will get feedback and a score from a panel of three judges. Auditions that make the mark will appear on the CLEARASIL SUPERSTAR chart. However, contestants are free to use one vote per day to give an audition (their’s or their competitors) an UP vote or DOWN vote which alters the final score.

The top five scorers of each month stand to win attractive prizes, such as gaming consoles, digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players and designer watches. The top scorer of the three months will be crowned Singapore’s CLEARASIL SUPERSTAR and will have the opportunity to pit themselves against the best CLEARASIL SUPERSTAR participants from around the world and stand to win great prizes.

THE GRAND PRIZE is...$10000

Yeah, I wished i could sing well... but the truth is.. my frens always shun away from me whenever i sing...So all of you out there.. if you really enjoye singing and dun mind wining prizes? Don't hestitate to join now...Esp you Ms Xiao Han, Ms Cindy and Ms Ber.. All of you out there have nice voices....

Just remember to give me "commission" if you all won the contest haha...

Short Note: Sing your way through...

With Love, 9:36 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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