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Friday, September 28, 2007'♥


I'm sorry if I have hurt you with my harsh words... maybe to you, you have long got used to it... and are not offended by it.. But when I spoke out all those words, I'm really fuming with anger...I'm mad when I just can't get things across your mind, I'm mad when you approach me with small matters at the wrong time.

Whenever you're faced with a problem, don't always run to others for help. Try to solve and explore ways to overcome the problem yourself first, dun always depend on others to give you the golden answer to your situations. Don't make use of others kindness, love and care.

We are too, not born with talents and an intelligent mind, Whenever a problem arises, we have to figure out the problems ourselves too... Face it urself but not alone.. is what I'm trying to get it across, understand??

Your thinking is simple whereas mine is complicated
You are dependent while I'm independent
Perhaps as what the others said, the opposite attracts....

There's a voice telling me, if I continued to be harsh, I will lose you eventually. I dunno what got over me (maybe my hormones are having a revolt inside and my temper is ain't that good), it seems that we can't communicate well... Since a long long time ago...

Nevertheless, we still managed to overcome obstacles together all these years. Maybe we have come to a stage that, give and take is no longer a strange matter to us, maybe we have come to a stage that as long as one party compromise nothing matters at all.

Let's pray that our relationship will get stronger as the time passes by and not get affected by some minor issues in the future... Cause I don't want to lose you....I really don't.....

Short Note: Prove to me that you will change....Sometimes love just ain't enough...

With Love, 11:30 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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