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Sunday, August 19, 2007'♥

Singapore Fireworks Celebrations

Yest was the second day of the fireworks celebrations. Wanted to go on Friday, but due to cg bo bian have to go on Sat. Heard that on the first day, there's the Planet symbol fireworks...saw it online.. it's quite cute though.

It's the china team for the second day.....

Met Mr J for the fireworks... and I'm so sorry that i'm late due to the jam starting from Ps. There were people mountain people sea... So many people lah....some people even picnic there.. Well done....

While I was on the bus, I realized Ms Ber were going to watch Fireworks too with her aunties... I admired her lei..all the roads were so jam lah... Never got to see her.. due to large amount of ppl..and also dunno which ulusamy place she is hiding to watch the fireworks...

As usual my fave spot to watch the fireworks would be at Marina Square near the staircase, you can see the FULL view of the fireworks there. This is the fifth year that i watched the fireworks. Ms Han still remember last time we watch together? The video was basically our voice, coz we were shouting all the way...so excited.

But as you get older, i tink the excitement is no longer day... Yes, I'm old liao... i admit haha.
The whole event didn't start until 9.20pm... Well done...waited one hr for that less than 15 mins of fireworks..But once you see the fireworks, i tink it will just melt your heart and you will totally forgot abt the trauma of waiting beforehand.

Due to the loss of my camera, didn't managed to video down the whole event.
But there were some similar fireworks like the ones i watched two years ago.....

Although i never videoed down yest event. But can steal from youtube ma... So this is it the video of yest fireworks....

I love the flowers at the 3.01 mins.... Go watch it... it's nice...

I guessed the variety of fireworks are very limited every year but yet, people are very enthu to come early and see it must be due to the company they are with.

I will definitely bring my kids along next time, if i will ever get marry.... The kids must be fascinated at the fireworks...:)

Got to go prepared to meet ah ber and Wendy le... we are going Geylang.. to do some business...opps i mean to find someone....Stay tunned for more of it... or perhaps i'm too demoralised after tat that i won't have the mood to blog anymore ... hahahaha

Short Note: It differs.....

With Love, 11:45 AM

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