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Wednesday, August 01, 2007'♥

Boh Eng, Boh Time...

I'm rushing all my projects like a mad woman currently, just submit my French Project, tmr is Socio Project and not to mention the SOCIO test on this SAT... remember I said I hated Socio rite?? Now the hate is X3... No time to study lei...

I got so many photos... and videos to upload...All these shall wait after SAT....

One good thing to cheer me up though... Chel's workplace got sell Harry Potter as way to encourage their students to read more... She got me the Book at a MUCH MUCH LOWER PRICE... cheaper than MALAYSIA lah.. and due to my busy schedule, she came up my house and deliver to me...heheheehe I"M So happy..and I LOVE her...lalallalalaallalalalaalalala

No time to read first... will slowly savour it at a much later time...anyway i already knew the ending....haha

ORITE..time to go prepare my script for the presentation tmr...

I hate wearing formal......

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With Love, 9:55 PM

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