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Monday, June 25, 2007'♥

Life is Great...

I lied flat on my bed today.. even though my alarm rang 15 mins ago... Was damn tired after yest swimming with Lena, Jeff and Ah Ber... I have to admit I'm OLD... I really pei fu Ah ber Jie..she can teach so many classes in a day..she's my ou xiang lah

Orite back to the day.. Kept having this thought of not going to work...but wei le support my da bao, i had to go and work and feed him...so I dragged myself out of my bed and the nice cold weather.

Boss called back to tell us his schedule for the next few weeks and he said he got a surprise for me...Well at first tot he is going to announce my financial investment is making money if not its my health plan being approved...


He won the lucky draw of our company..and the prize is a trip to GENTING... (one tix which is quite pathetic though) and he decide to give it to me...coz i've been ranting abt how much i love the prawn crackers from GENTING, how i love the weather blah blah during work.

I'm happy lah.. although it's not TWO TIXS but at least mine is sponsored lah... Am allowed to chose between First World Hotel or Theme Park Hotel...Superior or Deluxe Room..and can choose any dates to go until Dec 31. Selyn are going to ask her mum abt it.. hopefully she can make it.. and limin too yesh the same old khakis..and we can go LAST CALL NO MORE BETS again...wohooo...

And the best thing is very qiao lor..the SEE family are going to GENTING together... Xiaohan is going on 12-15 July with her pals, Cindy is going with her company for retreat on 14 July... I hope to get the tixs for 13 July... and we can all MEET there perhaps to take photo together?? wohoooooo.... Hopefully there is still tixs available...*Prays Hard*

Thanks Boss.... for this " blessing" deeply appreciated it ... :)

I can't wait for my prawn crackers....yummy....

Short Note: Ah Ber and Lena see u all can make it for the trip also mah?

With Love, 11:25 PM

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