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Thursday, October 12, 2006'♥

Busy Busy Busy.....

It's gonna be a busy weekend for mi once again... Been so busy preparing stuffs for Fang's wedding this Sat...

Went for manicure,pluck eyebrow, buy blouse, thinking of games to sabo the groom.. these and that.. and not to forget, packing my clothes as i will not be home for two days...will be staying over at Fang's place on Fri nite after cg... so i have to rush here and that...

Seemed like mi and Selyn we are more gan chiong that the bride lor..ya we wil also be doing makeup and hair by a stylist... i am sooooo soooo sooo going to perm my hair.. woohoooo..

After the wedding, if everyting goes on smoothly..*if he didn't come and fetch me* i will be going to Shi hui's house for a night of mahjong with the usual khaki....BUT>>>>>>>>>>

Sun morning i will have to go church..and after church.. will have to attend Jasmine's daughter third birthday at her hourse.. OH MAN!!!! Only got the invitation yest... I wonder will i have the time to rest anot..dun wanna look like a zombie when im there... esp when THE SHE is there..

And starting from next week i will be more and more busy le... event is on WED will be going down hotel on tue to help out.. and wed is THE BIG DAY le... been so busy helping out with brochure.. the lanyard, name tag and stuffs...I tink im gonna SLEEP THE WHOLE DAY ON THUR man....

Though it's packed with activities.. but i do enjoy the companionship of my dear fren.. esp MS SELYN.. must SAY OUT LOUD...I LOVE YOU hehe...

She went to Raffles to mit this auction seller on my behalf coz my working hours clashed with the seller... she went there alone ok and help mi pay for my blouse first.. coz i need it for this sat morning...well done well done.. i realli owe her a treat...heheehe...

O well.. before i forget im super pissed off with an incident yest... SOMEONE STOLE MY HP...the SAMSUNG one which i chucked it inside my computer drawer... i didn't even realised it until ... THE CULPRIT's DAD asked mi abt it.. damn pissed man.. she is getting from bad to worst.. im soo sooo going to lecture her, count herself lucky i won't be home these few days.... all the best to her ba.. gan gan stole lao niang phone... actually im more of disappointed with her actions than being angry.. disappointed with her totally le...

Sorry for not uploading all those expired photos.. promised to upload every single bit in the wedding post.. stay tunned k.. dun forsake my blog hor.. esp u u u u uuu who is reading now hehehe.. hao ba tired le..tmr gonna be a long day... nitez...

Short Note: the proabability is less than 10%

With Love, 11:56 PM

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