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Saturday, August 12, 2006'♥

Where are u MR Nice Guy??

Why is all the MR NICE either

A) Attached
B) Married
C) Engaged

Why is it when u thought u found someone nice, someone who cares and understands u, someone whom u thought u can spend ur life with......but it turns out that they are either A, B and C...

This happens so many times, not only to me but to the frens around me. I've read a blog somewhere and it happens to the ger too...While we gers are here weeping our hearts out, they are there with their gfs or wives onli feeling guilt stricken, but what can they do? Just say "sorry, let's be frens?"

Awwwww.... it hurts...Gers are emotional being, some of them might play hard to get, but once they put in their feelings and they found out that the SO called MR NICE are A B and C...shuang chong da ji ok...

So in the end MR Nice are not MR Nice at all huh?? Faintz...so where is all the REAL MR NICE?? I'm still searching high and low for him man.. If you all happen to see him, tell him im looking for him ok? thks...lol

Anyway to those who found ur MR NICE, you know who you are... pls cherish them....if not i will go snatch de.. haha.. coz nowadays MR NICE market value veri high hahaha.. on DEMAND lei..lolz..

Short Note: Are u Mr Nice or are u MR A B C?

With Love, 12:03 PM

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age Forever 21


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