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Wednesday, August 02, 2006'♥

Bling Bling Sticker...

My hp was decorated with bling bling diamond sticker on the front..today i realised one of them dropped off..the diamond part dropped off, but not the sticky part... i tried to paste a new one over it but it just wont stick. Then i realised.... it's just the same as love...

If there are still some memories, matters left in ur heart from ur past relationship, no matter how hard u tried to replace it with a new relationship, it just wont work....

Maybe part of ur heart is hardened or part of it is dead... u cant seems to trust a person too much anymore...even if the person said the truth, when it reached u.. ur trying to figure whether it's the truth or is is a lie..but most of the time we chose the latter, we chose to laugh it off, run away from it.. anything but just to face the facts...ur afraid, u have no sense of security, ur worried that history might happen again.. so u chose to be on the safe side of the road... one phrase describe it off... "Once bitten Twice Shy."

I was complained by someone yst nite...he said that im not serious whenever he is talking abt serious stuff... i always laugh and joke abt it.. if not change topic...and i always dunno what i want from a bf...COOOOOOLLL i've learnt something new.. coz if u know mi i always joke ard ma..with frens even with my previous bf...coz always when ppl tell mi serious things i tink they are joking if not they are lying..this is not veri good..dunno since when i become like this..or maybe i adopted it unknowingly...lol..

But thanks to him now i know my weakness le...i will try to change de...i guessed time will prove everything ba.. hopefully i'll be able to paste the new sticker in my relationship soon ba..

Long intro lei.. anyway i enjoyed myself today... went for CSA EXCEL TEST.. and i rushed like a mad woman.. i tot the test supposed to start at 2 but heng teacher waited until 2.15 then start...and i SCORED FULL MARKS...yeah yeah..*clap for myself* coz i didn't study yest nite.. u know.. i was drinking my red wine rite ahhaaa...

THEN the 14 of us went to TM to watch LAKEHOUSE...COOOOLLL.. its a fun gathering... we were joking here and there.. guessed i had better relationship with my classmates le ba..

Well abt the show.. its kinda of draggy.. and onli clever ppl will know how to watch it.. coz u need to tink here and there..coz its from two time frame ma..well i'll gif it 3.5/5 mainly coz SANDRA BULLOCK is damn feminine..ahaha..

After tat some of us went for dinner... with most of the guys.. we were laughing at how gay they are.. my class is a gay and les class lol.. too bad we didnt haf time to take pic..

ANYWAY after resting a few days..time to slog away my THUR for ECONS le.. FRI will be presenting it too.. hopefully this weekend can relax abit..oh ya..im gg back to BATAM SOON for my dearest Mi jie's birthday.. we will be drinking MOET&CHANDON omg...typing abt it makes mi drooollzzzz...

Nites everyone...

Short Note: I knw how much u have done for mi...

With Love, 9:53 PM

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