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Saturday, July 15, 2006'♥

Unbreak my heart..

Friday...the day which hate it among all the other days.. FRIDAY=ECONS day.. a day filled with ECONS tutorial and lecture...as if studying it is bad enough.. not being able to understand a single thing the lecturer is talking about is definetely worst than all....Im moody.. moody becoz i just simply can't figure out which language the lecturer is speaking that i can't seems to catch it.. or maybe to put it in simpler terms.. IM SLOW...haiz..

Ended the Lecture with a moody heart...I took the train to PS to mit my frens...going to catch THE PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN 2 today..which i must say..im looking forward too..but to my dismay...IT's SOLD OUTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! tks to BC who went there last min to get the tix..dun they get it... FRI = FULL HOUSE?? they went and discuss where to watch the show.. while mi..standing there alone moodying(not sure if there's such a word) i tot catching the movie can change or at least make mi happy...but...haiz...

I decided to call someone...(if u got a call from mi today..at ard 7plus..then UR THE ONE)..someone who i know for sure will cheer mi up.. whenever i'm down.. even if he doesn't know whether im in a bad mood anot.. talking to him alone..always makes mi laugh....maybe we are happier in this status ba...after that call.. i felt better..

In the end they decided to go TB plaza to watch..great..and they bought the tix...I didn't know abt this shocking news until i've entered the theatre..for that i felt like strangling BC.. HE told mi..we are SEATING IN THE FIRST ROW....i tot i've heard wrongly.. double confirmed it.. TRUE enough WE ARE SEATING IN THE FIRST ROW!!!!!...I'm fainting...I HATE TO SIT IN THE FIRST ROW.. cause that means..my neck will be strained..damn it..he knew it all along..and he cheated mi all the way here.. and im soooooo pisssssseddddd....if i knew it..i would rather watch it on vcd man..arggghhhh..But in the end..he pacify mi with popcorns...and a treat of steamboat tmr nite..tats more like it..

THE show..is damn hilarious i tell u.. all ur troubles will be gone in that 2 1/2 hours...i simply love CAPTAIN JACK...and not to mention.. my beloved Oorlando Bloom...for those who knew mi..u knew that im always in love with him..he is sooooooooooooo cute...and SEXY!!!..haha...anyway although im SITTING RIGHT IN THE FIRST ROW...it's WORTH it..a good show.. and now im soooo eager to watch PART 3...

WARNING: if ur watching this show..pls do not eat seafood beforehand, or to be precise.. OCTOPUS BALL....i will forgo Sashimi for the next few weeks...muahaha...

BC asked mi to make sushi for him...mi jie asked mi to make sushi for her..and my classmates tooo...think i would chong chu jiang hu back my popular demand..so u will soon taste my sushi rather than my er xing the cheesecake veri soon...

Orite tmr will be a long day...someone said he wants to bring mi to MOMO but he always lie to mi de..so im used to it le..might be gg steamboat with BC...but nt cfm yet....

Phew.. What a week...
Short note: Promises are just HIGH class LIES....

With Love, 12:42 AM

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