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Saturday, June 24, 2006'♥


Though it's a simple goal.. but without goals in life we will PERISH!!...Everyone needs to set a goal for themselves be it a small one or a big one...

Why do i touch on this topic? Yst my best fren callled mi..she was feeling so depressed abt her divorce...so i chatted with her... she is a simple minded ger.. often regretting her actions...coz she is easily influenced by ppl...and after two hours.. im glad she finally thought thru abt was she wants in life.. step by step into a better future...

Before that call I was feeling shitty myself too.. and im glad that thru this phone call we both got comfort.. see this is how a phone call is so impt rite? A simple phone call can help to strengthen ur frenship.. if u haf not been calling up ur fren..or even smsing..i tink u shld start doing it now...

I chose my CDS subject le... and to my horror.. the sub is so limited haiz.. nothing much to choose from.. and thats my choices..

* Psychology
* Hospitality Management
* French
* Sociology
* Music appreciation

Pengs.. i realli hope to get psychology and french.. and i can say BonJour to u guys next time hahahha...

My eyes is swollen..and its damn painful lor..

Hao le.. gg out soon.. and im glad that after rushing the proj for so many days.. we finally finished CSA le..phew... more to come.. i feel so stressed up this week.. and finally its over.. next week will be a better week ba i guessed...

Short note: wee hours... is that a sign??

With Love, 1:26 PM

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