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Friday, May 05, 2006'♥


Tommorrow is such a big day... no no no nope becoz its the ELECTION DAY.. but becoz its going to be a day...when i will be BORN again.... A day where which seperates mi from all the worldly lifestyle i used to have...

Going to get baptise in a few hours time... Currently feeling nervous.. coz today is " so called my last nite".. haha maciam getting married hor.. but its also a lifetime commitment ma..other than getting married...

The water baptism service will take place at 2.30pm at the Jurong West Premise..(haiz y is it tat place sianzz) anyway its going to mark a new life of mi...so jiu de bu qu ..xing de bu lai hahaha...

Confirm will take pics of mi in total WHITE colour de..so u all can see all my fats dangling around...lol...

Hao le..gonna get my beauty sleep le..tmr gonna be a busy day...not for u but at least for mi....

From tmr onwards... i'm Shirley Kerin....haha wierd name hor..lol.. but tats my baptism name...currently.. just in case i changed my mind when im inside the water tmr lol..

Short Note: I got my bling bling bag le....and im so happy woooohooo...

With Love, 11:43 PM

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