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Monday, April 03, 2006'♥


One idiot.. (alrite i mean KELVIN) sent mi this survey to my email.. this is wad he said...

Oei siao eh.. i tink this survey suits u alot and every question you sure will have an answer to it de.. coz ur CHIVAS QUEEN lei..Enjoy doing the questions cause it will certainly remind u of ur beautiful and wonderful past...


Wow realli wanna thank him lei.. KAM SIA for all the compliments lor..but out of curiousity i decided to gif it a try..MIND U IM BORED OK!!!...


Name three kinds of liquour that you tried before..
* Vodka
* Chivas Regal
* Jack Daniel's

Name three kinds of Cocktails that you tired before...
* Magaritta
* Sex on the Beach
* Tequila Sunrise

Name three pubs that you went clubbing before...
* Chinablack

What are the three actions u will do when ur Drunk??
* Keep laughing
* Super friendly eg Talk to Stranger
* Lost my bag..(sad case)

What would u do When ur sad and drunk??
* Call or sms rubbish to the person i loved
* Hug someone and cry
* Dance..(ahha...)

Name three of your fav mixer...
* Green Tea
* Soda
* Coke

Name three of ur best drinking khakis..
* Still got who of coz my Batam Cousins
* Lena and group
* Chelsia(oops i leaked out her name le)

Do you have any liquour or beer in ur house?

Name some of them..
* Five bottles of Heineken
* Two cans of ABC(my dad de hor..)
* One VODKA PEACH (someone put at my hm the time being..pls trust mi)

When do u start drinking?
* When im ard 8? Cny time haha..

When do you start dating?
* huh? got related meh? 14 lor?

Is it u started drinking before you date?
* Erm..yes..then?

Congrats your realli a HARDCORE DRUNKARD...You love to party and have fun.. especially when there are good friends around...But when ur feeling down, do try to limit yourself..as you tend to lose ur emotions after ur drunk..

Name three persons that you hope will do this survey
* Lena
* Ah ber
* Ah Jin


Super LAME lei.. buay tahan.. wad start drinking before u date means ur a drunkard? pengs..

Oh ya.. i got a stressful day today.. coz MILK is on her BLOCKED LEAVE..a new auntie take over her.. and oso mi la..coz im leaving le..so got to teach her.. pengs.. today high volume of PB somemore got to teach her.. walao i sibeh stress lor.. i bought MCFLURRY..and it melted on the table until i noticed it its already 6pm le.. damn it waste my money..

Hope tmr will be better ba.. the other gang is treating mi to SWENSENS tmr.. so i got BETTER ICE-CREAM i guessed haha.. ya kinda of sad...after tmr three more days to go le..will surely missed them veri much...everywhere i got they all said" wa FRI last day le hor.."..haiz..

Yst was the campus superstar final...lao niang dun even bother to watch lor.. coz sad no ADRIANO and somehow know who will win de la..heng he won if tat ger won..i swear ill burn down the stage haha..

Might be going over to GENTING this weekend if nt other places ba.. just wanted to get some fresh air before i start my school.. and slacking khakis get ready i going to join u all soon le..hehe

I wanted to start everything afresh.. A FRESH START can i ?

With Love, 7:38 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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