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Sunday, March 19, 2006'♥


Im back from Bintan.. nice weather.. nice beach.. nice ppl.. but one thing i dun understand...

Why whenever im overseas.. my phone kept ringing and sms oso alot.. bu jian de i in Singapore u all so re qing.. haha.. anyway due to the overwhelming charges i onli replied to some ppl..and onli pick up some calls.. so if ur one of them GOOD LUCK..ur the lucky ones..

Damn it my sunburn is so jialat rite now.. im like a RED LOBSTER.. ok la.. ROAST PIG if u wan oso..

I tmd miss SINGAPORE.. and the ppl here.. esp someone.. whose name starts wit A.. tot through alot of stuffs there.. its realli a nice place for short vacation.. and not to mention Nice STARS.. yeah.. so definetely we are going back one day.. this time earlier ba..

Ber, wendy and I we planned so much places to go after these.. so far the next destination might be GENTING or BATAM.. yeah.. Hao le.. i shall go and koon le..kept yawning since im in the ferry le.. i cant believe im wking tmr.. pengs.. pics up next time ba..

With Love, 11:27 PM

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