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Sunday, February 19, 2006'♥

Left with no choice...

How do u know if u love a person? How do u know whether he still loves u? How do u know whether u both are together for the sake of being together.. instead of loving each other more and more each day?? How do u know when ur relationship have come to an end?

Together becoz ur used to each other? Together becoz u are tired of starting everything all over again? Together becoz u cant bear to hurt his/her heart? Together becoz ur afraid of lonliness?

But given a chance.. wad choice would u made?

18 Feb 2006

Firstly wanna say sorry to sock fang.. srry for not attending ur ROM Ceremony yst.. got to work in the morning.. then church ended quite late..bu hao yi si.. Wish u xing fu always ba...

After church ard 9plus Chel and i went to Fisherman Village.. our lao di fang.. i missed there so much...

Had our dinner there.. followed by two jugs of beer.. we sat down and chat. The atmosphere there was so nice.. the wind was so big...and most importantly.. the music was nice..

I looked on the left and looked on the right..damnit...Y is Chel beside mi..and not the one i love?? haha spoilt the atmo there..lol.. but i swear i will bring my date there if i got a chance.. Took some pics..but becoz of the big wind..i tink my hair sucks.. haha forget it ba..

Went home around 12plus.. was quite moody.. chatted wit MR A..but ppl so busy.. Then Bullshit called mi.. he was outside wit his fren celebrating his bd.. and his fren even talked to mi.. this scenario reminds mi of AH BOY and Long Cheng they all haiz.. they asked mi go Chomp Chomp..mad is it.. i just reached home.. of coz i didnt agreed to their gong gong request...

This morning.. thanks to MR BULLSHIT he wake mi up early in the morning..coz he going dentist for followup.. then i went church for prayer meeting..

I wept..and kneel down during worship.. i realise that recently im abit dry.. did not realli pray..I thank God for the prayer meeting today.. I realise He is still there for mi.. i cried out all my problems to Him.. and i believe God, You will answer my prayers soon..

when was the last time u kneel down and cried out to God.. Abba I love you?? We are often so busy in life..that we forgot abt our God..we neglected Him.. But when we are in need..we look for Him.. Is that realli the right way??

Tell that to yourself.....

With Love, 7:35 PM

Lover ♥

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