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Tuesday, February 14, 2006'♥

Happy V Day..

Valentine's day just came and passed by like dat.. as the same as other festivals.. There is simply no mood at all.. normally would see ppl selling roses on the streets of Tampines Central.. but today NONE...

Unexpectedly..there is not a lot of gers.. Showing off their BIG BOUQUETS of flowers.. and cuddling their bfs.. I LOVE IT, hahaa..evil laughs.. anyway hope tat u guys enjoy ur V DAy ba.. be it at home hiding.. outside the streets the most impt thing is to be happy isnt tat so??

WRONG WRONG WRONG.. Shitty club members MS Han.. im not at home today..instead i was out in TM facing all the couples.. Went for a movie wit Mr Bullshit.. the two POOR person.. struggling to watch DICK AND JANE...and struggling to buy popcorn.. but nonetheless. the show is not wad i expected.. nt veri funni.. HA HA HA..

Dear Mr Bullshit..

U owe mi one bouquet of flowers.. pls do something abt it.. haha i wan PURPLE and BLUE ROSES tks.. 5

With Love, 10:38 PM

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