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Saturday, February 25, 2006'♥

每一个人, 不管你是谁, 不管你的长相。。。在这个是界的某一个角落。。。总会

你找到了那个人了吗?? 又或许你已经失去了那个爱你的人??

Great i have a good news to announce.. that is..

IM TRANSFEERING TO CHAI CHEE for two weeks... good news for zhu, Selyn, Chitra, Bennie.. but not for mi sobz sobz...

Sian... heard that that SIDE super STRESS de.. somemore gt so much politics.. argggh.. haven even start work.. and Im asked whether i can do OT ma.. faintz... im so used to:

Painting my nails
Reading newspaper
Listening to Mp3
sharing food wit my colleaugues..
my gong gong colleagues
my desk and minnie mouse mug
my view of TAM MALL from my window
cant help but THE great variety of food in tam
every morning chatting wit security guards..

DUhZ.. two bloody whole weeks!!! can i survive tru it?? damn im too used to the GOOD LIFE in tamp.. serves u RIGHT hahahah.. (the devil twins inside me)

Let's pray that its realli onli for two weeks.. and the BEST PART is SELYN is leaving after one week.. argghhhh so im left wit zhu ...

NVM lucky laoniang already apply leave for Bangkok which leaves mi wit onli 8 days ...

Cant wait for my Bangkok trip..

Meanwhile let mi enjoy my weekend first ba.. Pls pray hard for mi.. i want to get out of there sooooooooon....

This songs makes mi soooooosooo soooo feeel like going clubbing.. tmd when will the time comes??

Short note:

I miss someone... and his gong gong voice.. whose that??

winners will get a bar of TOBELONE free..

Submit ur ans before 28 FEB and u stand to win that!!! specially flown from BANGKOK...

With Love, 12:40 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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