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Sunday, January 15, 2006'♥


The clocks are ticking now and then.. so far yet another sat just passed by... last week this time im still at Balcony enjoying My Magarita.. yet this week im at home..

Im not used to being at home on a sat nite.. maybe becoz i tink tat we worked for five days..there is bound to be a day for relaxation and enjoying ourselves..im so tempted to go clubbing today.. but no khakis well let it be then.. haha jian jian dan dan de guo yi tian ba...

Nothing much happened these few days.. i brought my god daughter charlotte out the whole day yst and my arms are aching now..she is quite heavy le..so i tink a few more months i realli cant carried her anymore le.. she is soo cute wit her big big de eyes.. when we go out ppl often played wit her..often asked whether her dad is a Eurasian etc..she is a young young superstar hehe..

I finally got my long awaited $700 Best Denki voucher.. bought myself a Konica Minolta digital camera..yeah finally i got one cam le.. now dun need to wait for ppl to upload photos le. can DIY le..hehe.. we went parkway parade for dinner yst..the ever so yummy tom yum steamboat.. its still de same so delicious.. yet CHEAP.. then we took some pics..and off i go to mit MR PAUL..

Suppose to mit mi at my house downstairs for a prata session.. BUT when i reached le..he said he wanted to drink COFFEE BEAN.. duhz..can i gif him a TIGHT TIGHT slap??then we walked from my house to the interchange..thank GOD for the good weather and thank GOD im alive after hearing all his crapiness..haha So in the end he treated mi again..XIE XIE LE.. Ordered the Belgian CHOCO ICE BLENDED ..omg its so yummy.. its the best drink i ever had in COFFEE BEAN..pls go try it.. but abit ex la $6 lei.. we chatted until 12plus nia..both of us quite tired.. and today his frens from malaysia coming so he need to be a tour guide again.. PS: dun get beaten up by ppl again hor..hahahha

Today was a simple day..went church as usual Pst preached abt DE JAVU great great MSG..do u know an average singaporean EARNS $3900 from the statistics shown.. So if ur not earning tat pls go BANG WALL ba..i oredi bang liao..haiz..so much.. lol.. anyway TIME IS MONEY..so earn more money while ur still young ba..da jia jia you ba..

Went for dinner at Ma Lan La Mian..all tks to MR LEE B C.. told him its nt tat nice liao..he die die want eat..ended up its normal lor.. haiz. then i said i wanted to buy MP3 so he drove mi there.. who knows when reached there le.. ITS OUT OF STOCk..suan le ba.. haha then went MAC chill out wit Chelsia.. lol..bought a top from EBASE too..nice nice..omg THE SPENDING SPIRIT is back again haha..

Tmr will be miting who?? still got WHO?? MS han lor..hehe going BUGIS VILLAGE to see got nice bargains ma.. last round of cny shopping hehe.. maybe i will go buy ZEN NEON before tat.. tks to MS Han for influencing mi.. but i wil buy de 512 de nia.. so here goes all my vouchers le hehe.. mummy going for BATAM one day trip wit her colleagues tmr..DUHZ.. i tot she go until sian liao..still need tour meh.. pengs.. haha anyway i instructed her to buy some stuffs back haha..

Oh ya..me and MS HAN will be starting our Yahoo Auction soon..selling powerful stuffs..must support support ok.. its still in the process..and we are discussing on our proposal haha.. Pls stay tuned for more ba...lol

Going to go orh orh le.. pics up tmr ba.. sian to post up now ..hehe..nitex nitexx

With Love, 1:13 AM

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