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Friday, January 13, 2006'♥

My xiao Bu...

Hello my name is Charlotte Lim..im going to be 6 months old soon..so fast hor.. still dunno how to turn but i know how to call papa le wor tat day..hehe maybe he heard wrongly ba.. dunno when can i learnt how to call gan ma.. Gan ma always teached mi how to say but i just cant lor..hee.hee..Anyway nice to meet u all..Gan ma said u all are her fans.. hehe.. anyway let mi tell u all more abt myself ba..*chukle*

Im born in National Day..hehe eager to see fireworks ma.. and i got alot of hair lor.. but daddy said i always perpire so he go cut off my hair lor.. so sad.. alot of ppl call mi AH BOY lei.. im a ger ger u know.. hehe i got BIG BIG eyes like doll hor?? becoz mummy and daddy got BIG BIG eyes oso lor..

So long nv see my gan ma le.. tat time i remember she brought mi to this restaurant and she carry me the whole day..when mummy and ah yi is slacking the whole day poor gan ma hor.. I heard from mummy tat we are going out later today to find gan ma.. then they going to buy fridge for my house and gan ma finally can buy her digital camera le..woohoo then i can pose and pose for them to take wor..

Gan ma said she got a surprise for mi later.. i wonder wad is tat.. hmmmm *think* *think*..ang pow? but gan ma not married yet lei.. i tink she confrim buy pretty pretty clothes for mi ba.. just like the one she bought when im one month old..nice nice winnie the pooh de wor.. tats my onli nicest clothes le..coz mummy seldom buy clothes for mi..so sad.. i hope gan ma buys a dress for mi..so i can be pretty pretty for new yr wor..

And i hope my hair will grow long long.. i dun wan to be ah boy..hmmmmpphhhh

Bye Bye im going to drink my milk milk le.. muacks...

With Love, 2:21 PM

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