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Sunday, November 20, 2005'♥


Guessed im going to be the REAL PANDA soon..the past week i had been slping super late.. the reason is...IM NOT TIRED at all..heeee maybe becoz i drank at least a cup of coffee everyday ba...

Went CHURCH as usual.. but i went quite late today..then on MSN everyone was asking mi..eh u not going church today ah..diaoz.. i tink all my frens all super used to mi going church on SAT le..tat if ONE SAT im at home..they will start asking mi yyyyyy..hehe.. good good sign la...at least they cared...

Service ended late.. PASTOR preached abt the FOCUS in ur life.. dun let distractions deprive u of ur SUCESS.. yaya tts true..after svc we celebrated for Ban Chuan's bd.. 26 liao old old man..hehe. bought him an organiser to jot down his things.. he asked mi this thur to go GEYLANG.. woohoo.. tink tink tink.. TO EAT LA... ssee how ba..laoniang shld be quite busy tat day..haha..ya then he asked mi wads my wish this yr. i said nothing..just to be happy lor.. ya its so SIMPLE..just to be happy.. gone tru times when no matter how hard u tried u cant be happy..so this yr i want to be simple.. HAPPY..

Went to mit XH and as usual im late..but this time got reason de hor.. went to PS to watch our long awaited movie..>HARRY POTTER wor.. haiz abit disappointed la..coz everything was cut short man.. the whole book is so thick lor.. got so many scene they missed it out.. NO Quiddtich..No Lesson..No interaction wit their Professor.. DUmboldore changed person liao coz the previous actor passed away sad..new Dumboldore nt good de..luckily he died at PART 6...so wait for another two yrs ba...THE YULE ball oso little details nia..sianz...

THE FUNNIEST PART: When Vicotr Krum went to saved CHO CHANG in the water.. we tot that the Shark actually wanted to bite Harry..who knows its VICTOR KRUM wit his Transfiguration..pengs..damn funni lor.. haha..damn kuku lor...but i love VICTOR the most..he is so man... this part mi and XH laughed the most lor.. buay tahan.. and the YULE BALL y cant Pavatti wore nicer SARI?? haha..

Hope tat the movie will be longer in the nxt part ba..sianz..haf to wait another yr le..getting older and older..imagine until 25 then the whole series would finish hahaha... anyway i STILL LOVE YA POTTER...

After the movie we deicded go Strand hotel to check the availability of the room.. diaoz.. a gong gong uncle attend to us..can u all tell mi the differnce btw 12am and 12pm?? 12pm obviously is noon rite.. diaoz..he said its morning..pengs.. sian he said its fully booked.. dunno cfm de ma.. anyway ive made a booking..hope tat day they wont last min said dun haf..if nt i will burned down the whole hotel..

Saw Steven outside the hotel..pengs..super long nv saw him le.. last time when i working in bubble tea shp he came and know mi.. super gong lor.. then we went out for one time.. he bought mi a bag lei.. dunno him well actually but he keep on insisting.. then wad can i do?? take la.. arboh throw the bag away ah..u wish?? haha then he asked mi to pei him talk talk.. i said i need to send XH home..BULLSHIT rite..haha.. he abit wierd wierd de.. why is a guy alone outside a hotel in the wee hours?? haha who knows.. he might just finished his business?? lol

Managed to run away from him.. then we proceeded to walk to city hall...on the way.. in a veri ulu place.. suddenly two Negro chiong out..walao scare the shit out of us lor... they said they wanted to know us.. how bo liao can it be..i tot robbery lei for once.. then as usual lao niang use my jue zhao.. i said im married wit a kid liao..the other guy dun believe lor.. sians... i said my husband wont like ppl calling up mi de..so poor XH in the end gave the number to tat er xing de negro..dioaz..we walked super fast lor..scared they will follow us.. its damn bloody scary lor.. they looked fierce tat kind too..y my life always attract this kind de.. i rather ang moh lor..hehe

Tired le.. gonna slp liao..

With Love, 3:37 AM

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