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Tuesday, November 08, 2005'♥


Im woke up by my hse phone.. who would be calling at 6 in the morning..where my parents went to work..and i haf no choice but to drag myself to pick up the call... in case its something urgent...ppl seldom called my hse de if they want to find mi..so u, yes u, Miss Shufen stop calling my hse on Sat morning asking mi bo liao stuffs haha..

Anyway back to the call..its a long distance call.. just in case u dun understand wad it means.. it means a call from far far away.. its my AH BOY...nah nah.. nt the one i often mention in my blog..its my BIAO GE... COUSIN AH BOY.. calling from BATAM...still wan to act ENGLISH lor.. :"Hi can i speak to SHIRLEY pls??" (in brokeness) for once i tot its the police station who called mi regarding my bag(ya day dream somemore)..i replied yes?? He said:"This is MR AH BOY calling form BATAM, U still SLEEPING ah?"..i jitao wanna slap him rite on his face.."OF COZ LA ARBOH.. u tink now evening 6pm ah..shit u la.." haha feeling abit disappointed he said:" Oei da jie gave birth liao la.. a baby ger.. u better come back and see the baby hor" After tat i dunno wad he said liao la..coz im too sleepy at tat time.

SO Da jie gave birth le.. how fast can it be?? when i went back at Aug she still eight mths pregnant..wow there mths passed by so fast le ah..CONGRATS DA JIE..who is AH BOY's OLDER SISTER.. and heard frm my mum.. AH MUI oso gave birth the day before.. AH MUI is Mi Jie's de da SAO..who is my Biao Sao..haiz complicated la.. So here i am.. suddenly I BECUM BIAO YI and BIAO GU le.. omg how old can it sound??? I can predict mi carrying babies on this yr chinese new yr...and grandma arrow will be pointing at mi and mi jie liao..die le die le..she sure say.. "when are the both of u going to get attached???" pengs...better bring back my Sunglass this yr..

Orite back to my day.. Went to work as usual.. sufen went first becoz she gt things to settle.. I suppose to change my IC for a pass wit the Security Guard.. but due to some....REASON..i cant lor..so i exchange MY KBOX CARD wit them.. yeah laugh all u want.. Im the joker of the whole building.. so now whoever on duty sure said..eh nv go kbox tonite ah?? pengs.. so this morning i went off to work quite late.. then the security said" i tot u nt coming liao lei becoz u haf no IC..." arggghh.. i replied" must come no come no money..no money no IC" so they laughed and laughed..lol they are a funny bunch of uncles..who tried to act stern to newcomers.. remember got once i forgot to bring my pass for lunch they die die dun let mi go up i almost cried lor.. heng Cheryl brought my pass down for verification.. see how impt is the security of my building?? They are so funni when u know them le..

So here i am rushing to work..and when i reached my table guess wad i saw??

A> Cockroach
B> Ants
C> Money

Yes ans is D...the truth is out....

Orange JUICE!!!!!! PENGS AH....DEAR SHUFEN bought it for mi..coz i told her tat day im going to be sick soon... ALTHOUGH its nice of her.. but I HATED ORANGE JUICE since dat day...LENA SHLD KNOW Y....hahaa.. i can still remember the taste of how VODKA ORANGE tasted like..BLEAH>> PUI PUI PUI.. bu hao yi si lor..in the end lao niang gave that cup of liquid away to my colleague Cheryl..she drink until like nv drink before lor..i almost fainted....

My agency called mi up today and told mi a good news..FINALLY GOOD NEWS IN SO MANY DAYS...she said now since i worked more than three mths le..im entitled to PAY LEAVE..woohoo.. one and a half day.. and subsequently half day for every month.. tat means to say this mth i got two DAYS LEAVE..woohoo..although to u might think its so little.. but BEAR IN MIND im a temp staff hor..so this is certainly veri good lor..coz i can go relax myself without getting my pay cut off..shit they shld have started it earlier..still dunno which day to take..one day for my bd ba...another day to rest..another day to go out wit my beloved SELYN..i missed her so much le...i just simply love my AGENCY...

Didnt go anywhere after work..told u im tired rite..went home for homecooked dinner..its been a mth plus since i ate at home...pathetic rite..i gobbled up every food lor.. its so delicious man..mama i missed ur cooking.. and now im so full liao lor..diaoz..going to watch the vcd 13 going on 30 i rent de just now.. going to slp early tonite liao...woohoo..

tmr going church wit hong jin for BS...cant wait man...

With Love, 7:47 PM

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