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Friday, October 21, 2005'♥

Today the topic shall be abt LOVE....

What is love..

This was not wad i wanted to post de initially but after some circumstances i cant help but resist to post.. if u are a guy here... pls fuck off...coz this entry will definetely pissed u OFF....

So when a guy wanted to know a ger.. he will call her everyday..chat and chat.. and slowly likes her.. and then become bf and gf...

First one mth.. the sweetest.. tend to mit every now and then.. then chat every nite until wee hours.. hold hands.. kissed... haha everything so wonderful.. He tells u how much he loves u... wanted to marry u.. Ur HIS ONE AND ONLY ONE....UR the onli one he loves.. ur the onli one tat understands him...

Ur heart melts when u heard tat... u sacrifice for him... bought him stuffs..cherish him.. care for him now and then... no matter how far u are he will come to mit u... (depends of indidvidual maybe vice versa) u feel tat ur on top of the world.. ur the most xing fu woman in the whole wide world.. u tell urself well this is the guy i wanted to settle down with... tadah.. ur DEAD.. ur into this LOVE GAME le.. welcome to THE HURTING CLUB....

Few months down the road... the love fade.. slowly u all quarrel, there's a gap in between.. and tadah.. he intiate to break off wit u.. reason of coz is veri wei da de.. EG: I need to concentrate on my studies.. I tink I have no time for you.. I tink we are not suitable.. I tink i cant gif u a good future....U will always be my best friend..(haha veri good try)

Tks lei..after a few months then he tell u all these kinds of wei da reason.. Pooooofffff.. all ur feelings, dreams.. gone in a poooooff... u feel veri miserable.. u cried for him day and nite ..of coz he didnt know tat.. u cant see a sense of remorse in him.. u cant focus on ur work,,while he is out there enjoying his work.. tmd de damn bu gong ping hao bu hao...

U finally managed not tink of him so much after a few months.. although memories still live.. and tks lei.. the worst nitemare came.. HE's ATTACHED....woohoo how great can it be man... So fast..there goes to show.. how TRUE his promises were for u which is JUST A PACK OF LIES...

Well well this shall be the veri last time i blogged abt u..

Im not sad becos he found a new gf(so now he got time for gf le huh?? i tot u said u wont have a gf unless ur stable in life?? so tmd contridicting).. im just feeling foolish.. why last time sacrifice so much.. why last time put in so much effort.. why when i wanted to be serious le..then these kinds of things happen... i mean my impression towards him totally changed.. im realli disappointed.. disappointed wit a guy tat i once love so much.... i didnt know ur is this kind of person..jiang yi tao zuo yi tao..but anyway i wanna THANK GOD tat luckily nv together oso.. if not oso cham la... woohoo... CONCLUSION....

NAN REN DUO SHI JIAN DE...(of coz not all...i do met some good ones.. fabian, ah boy, ban chuan, ah jin..etc...)dun gif promises if u cant fulfill ok.. stop complaining tat gers are hard to woo... coz our HEART IS NUMB!!!! Just asked ard... and u will know how many times this kind of story is repeating itself in everyone's daily life...

不要谈什么分离 我不会因为这样而哭泣
那只是昨夜的一场梦而已 不要说愿不愿意
我不会因为这样而在意 那只是昨夜的一场游戏
那只是一场游戏一场梦 虽然你影子还出现我眼里
在我的歌声中 早已没有你 那只是一场游戏一场梦
不要把残缺的爱留在这里 在两个人的世界里
不该有你 喔 为什么道别离 又说什么在一起
如今虽然没有你 我还是我自己 说什么此情永不渝
说什么我爱你 如今依然没有你 我还是我自己

To my lao chek Fabian.. tks for always there to counsel mi.. although i sometimes heck care u la.. zhao zhi dao last time i choose u better hor.. hahaha.. k la tks anyway.. ur one of the hao nan ren.. at least ur not SO FAKE...

With Love, 11:42 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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