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Saturday, October 29, 2005'♥

Hmmm nt a veri good day for mi... i woke up wit tears in my eyes.. i tink i have been crying in my dreams.. its so real.. . nthing much the dream is abt my wk place de la... .

Thanks to Hong Jin i slept super late yst... therefore lao niang is super tired the whole day..kept yawning like nobody's business...

Wanted to msged one of my fren.. .found out tat i cant make any calls or sms.. my phone is totally useless... in the end found out tat its the SIM card tat is faulty.. wanted to get a replacement and forgot tat its not under my name...

Called zhen and she like veri reluctant to go down abit pissed off wit her tat time.. haiz.. then luckily she realised its her fault.. so here we are going out on sunday to transfer the name under mine.. it costed $30 u know.. so xing tong..

Was rushing for cg... went to buy a cake for KAREN..who knows on the way kanna block by those insurance agent..shit shit.. then they dun let us go.. kept telling us the stupid policy thing.. wasted 20mins of my precious time.. finally managed to get the cake.. went Starhub to replace my card.. (ps: i typed an authorisation letter and said tat the owner went overseas, clever rite) and after waiting for 15 mins i finally got back my line...wad a day.. but there is still more to go....

cg starts at 7.30 and its 7.20 im still at tam struggling to get a cab during the peak hours... i prayed and prayed... and it started drizzling..haiz..how great can it be... finally the cab came.. and tot i will still be on time onli abit late.. the best came.. . CTE is tmd JAMMED... finally reached the destination... at 7.50..they havent started yet.. and guessed wad... KAREN DIDNT CAME... diaoz... coz she's sick..tks lei.. i so xing ku buy the cake... haiz.. totally sian 1/2 ...they all asked y im so late.. without even knowing the full details im oso lazy to explain... ban chuan tried to tell mi nt to buy the cake but my stupid hp cannot receive incoming calls too..shit.. at that moment of time im FEELING SUPER PEK CHEK... Im TIRED, DRAINED and ANGRY....

Was totally dead during cg... after cg..ban chaun talked to mi.. he tot im angry wit him... finally managed to tell him how i felt.. and he oso apologised to mi.. im actually quite touched tat he cares abt mi... he asked mi whether i gt enough money ma.. i replied: not enough u support mi is it?? then he said: $50 or $100 still can la.... haha $50 or $100?? suan le ba....but anyway i appreciate tat..so far can say he is the most caring leader..

He asked mi to go Rochor eat beancurd.. but mi and chelsia rejected it.. coz got Madeline his gf ma.. ahha dun wan to be light bulb... so mi and chel went tiong bahru market.. took cab home after tat.. bo bian too late liao.. inside the cab mi and chelsia was like sharing our lives.. then i realised something.. my life is blank....

I have nothing to share abt.. except for work... work and still work... My love life is in a blank state now...Even if now got someone like mi or i like him.. i will also dun dare to get into relationship... its the fear ba.. the fear of loss again.....im tired of this game le.. jerry called mi and told mi his problems.. i realli hope he will tink properly lor.. coz after all he's still young...

Nothing much le..did nt realli had a good day.. so i prayed hard for tmr... tat it would be better ba... going to serve in GLORIA JEANS the whole day... oh ya we are moving to EXPO so there wont be any GLORIA JEANS anymore.. i need to look for a new ministry le.. hmm what shld i joined??

I dun asked for much.. but a name to appear on my hp screen...each nite and every nite....

With Love, 1:39 AM

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