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Thursday, October 20, 2005'♥

Had a good ktv session yst... with two frens...Samson and sufen .Samson is my sec sch de ex....soooooooooo long nv saw him le.. he went there to study..woohoo university grad now hor...mai siao siao.. last time we together onli for one or two months.. veri fade memories i cant remember le.. he just got back from States a few days ago...and im surprised tat he actually found my contact number.. on and off we onli wrote to each other a few times nia..time realli pass veri fast...

Well we went to KBOX tampines.. so long nv go KBOX le.. so many songs i wanted to sing.... the moment i reached there.. i started to sing and sing...both of them didnt sing much.. sufen is so shy... and samson forgot how to sing in chinese liao..pengs.. they are just wasting their money... so i sacrifice myself and entertain them lor...whoooo so shiok lei..sing so many songs... i tink they both sing less than 10 songs lor...can u imagine im like having my own concert hahah....lol....

He called mi when im singing qian nian zhi lian.. i was shocked to see his number..coz i have deleted him from my hp le.. anyway i tink the excuse he used to call mi is LAME.. he said ah boy said i got ask him to go for my birthday he wanted to ask if its true.. diaos, si ah boy i nv ask him go lor... want TO HAI wo... since he said like dat.. then i say yes lor.. remember to come hor.. haiz so jia.. then he talked to mi alot of lame stuffs la.. in the end i said hmm here veri noisy la.. talk to u some other days... YESH!!!!! ive done it.. i managed to talk to him just like a normal frens... didnt feel anything at all...woohooo.. congrats shirley...

Didnt went to work today.. im too lazy le ok.. robots oso need some rest..first time i skipped work lei...feeling abit guilty.. well going to gym later.. wit my beloved sufen..woohoo i prey for good weather..

read lena's blog....the below paragraph is dedicated to her....

Dear Lena...

I understand what you're going through.. becoz im a victim of this type of LOVE GAME before.. now i know wad u want is some space for yourself...and the most impt is TIME.. trust mi..time will realli heal your wounds.. during the initial part u will feel damn sad damn xin ku.. u will feel tat the whole world is revolving without u... memories will always be in your mind.. all the things he promised u became LIES...how sad can it be....everything happens too fast... u cant believe tat it actually ended...u will always cry yourself to slp...each morning u wake up u felt a deep sense of loss..like something is taken away from you.....

Hey ger...all these is temporary... yes maybe u need a much longer time to heal but after everything at least at the end u learnt a lesson.. ku gou le zai pa qi lai... nobody cannot live without someone in this world... it took me two to three months to get over my ex.. and im sure u can do it too.. y cry for him when he is out there wit another.. they dun even feel a pinch...y must u show them u cant live without them... hey ger be strong..it makes mi realise one thing after all these incidents.. frens are always there for you..whereas bf is just temporary....frens are the one who lift u up when ur down... and thank God...i got nice frens ard... and im sure u will have too....

I will let u be alone for this period ba.. wont bombard u with qns and stuffs.. but one thing pls dun do anything foolish for him ok??? frens forever..hope tat u will get to read this entry wor..:0

With Love, 11:23 AM

Lover ♥

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